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London's leading sleep specialists. Exclusive provider of the world's most advanced luxury beds, mattresses, and sleep products. We are RESTED.

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View our exclusive range of market leading mattresses. Experience the benefits of sleep engineering, with new materials, new concepts, and better sleep.

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We are all different. Find the right pillow for you from our extensive collection of performance pillows that can and will make a difference to your sleep.

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Not too hot. Not too cold. Thermoregulation is the cornerstone of our advanced quilt range.

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Performance Pyjamas by Dagsmejan. The most comfortable luxury pyjama ever created.

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Individualised Body Support
Elysium by Auping

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Royal Auping at Rested

RESTED are the UK's exclusive provider of Auping products. From performance beds, to the most ventilated mattresses in the world. Auping are reknowned as the true masters of technical sleep. Matching every individual to optimised sleep performance, with their unique technologies and signature contemporary style.

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Colunex at RESTED

Masters of contemporary luxury, the Colunex range of beds provides quality, sleep performance and luxurious bespoke design capability at RESTED.

The perfect combination of high technology sleep engineering and master hand craftsmanship/upholstery in one brand.

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Everyone deserves a decent mattress. One that is perfect, created just for you. Select tailored mattresses from our carefully curated selection of Europe's leading prestige brands; Royal Auping of Holland, Colunex of Portugal, or Vispring from England. Accurate support for your spine, perfect pressure relief and key features for your comfort. Such as temperature regulation, allergen control, or extra shoulder comfort.

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