Sleep Engineering

‘The practical application of knowledge and scientific principles in the design, construction and selection of products, materials and environments that enhance human sleep’.   

In mastering Sleep Engineering we determined that in addition to the practical and technical, our definition needed to go further. Including a further critical element that is so relevant to sleep and yet so difficult to define. Luxury.

That soothing feeling of mental and physical indulgence; enveloping oneself every night in wonderful luxuriating comfort. We believe it is part of the totality of sleep. Just as we regard, sound, smell and the creation of your bedroom sanctuary as core elements to the notion of Sleep Engineering. 

The essence of Sleep Engineering is to find and utilise those materials that advance the quality of our sleep experience. Whether those materials are from natures finest, or advanced technology, it is the users physical experience that defines them as best in class.

Innovation is key, and so is recognising that sometimes the wheel does not have to be reinvented in order to excel. Quality counts and is essential when creating optimised sleep.

Use our iconography below to explore and learn about the innovations, materials, functions and technology of Sleep Engineering that allow us to deliver better sleep to you.  

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