With over fifty years experience in the provision of the highest quality hand crafted beds, Colunex have invested heavily in their technical capabilities and a total sleep engineering philosophy. The most critical element of Colunex is the attention to detail and quality that they are able to provide by virtue of their uncompromising standards and complete control of the manufacture process. From the tempering and coiling of springs, to the embroidery of their fabrics. Woodwork, metal work, upholstery. Every single element of a Colunex bed is created from scratch, by their master craftsmen. Even the raw materials for use within the mattresses are produced in house.  All of this is undertaken within a framework of science; analysis, research and testing leading to the development of cutting edge materials and processes that deliver performance and sleep improvement to the user.

The Colunex concept is one of endless possibilities. The opportunity for customers to specify every element of their sleep system including the submission of their own ideas, designs, concepts and materials. Grandsleep provides the access for people to achieve the sleep of their dreams in the bed of their dreams.

Underpinning the technical prowess is the overriding philosophy that your personal bed should feel as exalted as the very best beds that you might find in the very best hotels in the world. Every night should bring five star comfort and design to your home.  

Every Colunex bed is a creation of distinction, tailored to the customer, produced without compromise, to deliver better sleep every night.   

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