The Choice

We have deliberately defined our quilt and duvet offering into three simple categories to keep the choice limited to the best performers only. Pure Naturals (being wool or silk), Downs, and Synthetics. Many clients tend to have an established preference which we can provide for, but we also ask you to challenge your preconceptions and look for something better. The thermoregulating performance of a duvet is of paramount importance, but so is drape, loft, moisture control, allergen performance....and more. All factors that we seek to optimise for better sleep.

Dynamic Duvets

The temperature of your bedroom environment changes overnight (it cools). Your body temperature also fluctuates as you progress through your sleep cycles. Historically a duvet or quilt has all been about keeping warm. Draughty homes, no central heating etc etc. As our understanding of sleep has developed and in our modern temperature controlled environments, there is a new focus: to benefit our sleep through materials that are dynamic, that thermoregulate, and keep your body at a median temperature through the fluctuations of the night. Achieved effectively, we can take temperature off the table as an interruption to sleep. Deeper sleep, less wake ups. That is Sleep Engineering.

Tog Rating

Tog rating is specific measure of the insulation of a material. The ability to trap warm air and retain heat. The majority of our quilts are not tog rated because they are not just insulators. They are adaptive, dynamic thermoregulators that adjust your body temperature between warm and cold. Their insulation can not be rated as it is not static. To keep things simple, we make an easy distinction between our quilts. Those that are appropriate for colder environments and people who require extra warmth, or those that are lighter weight and provide for the more temperate seasons and those that prefer to sleep cooler.

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