Summer Blanket

For those who have always dreamt of refreshing sleep on hot summer nights, the dream is now a reality.

Thanks to the natural cellulose fibre Tencel®, the Bella Donna Summer Blanket incorporates a sophisticated climate control concept to ensure pleasant temperature and a dry sleeping environment. Its incredible functional fibres ensure that the summer blanket effectively absorbs moisture, thereby reducing bacteria and unpleasant odours. The inner side of the blanket is made from high-quality cotton jersey, naturally enriched with aloe vera and silk proteins.

The Bella Donna Summer Blanket is designed to be used without a cover for maximum climate control. It makes an attractive addition to any bedroom and is also a great cosy blanket for snuggling up on the sofa in the winter. 



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Cool Summer Nights

Even in the UK, there are some nights when real heat makes it difficult to sleep. Imagine a blanket that kept you cooler than sleeping with a sheet or nothing at all.... The summer blanket keeps moisture away from your skin surface, keeping you cool and yet deliciously comfortably wrapped on even the very hottest nights. It has been designed as an oversized 'personal' blanket for one person only (lets face it, when its really hot, its not the time for the extra body heat of a partner). In our experience, the summer blanket has two further uses. Firstly as the first layer under your quilt for extra warmth in the winter, and secondly as the perfect 'TV' blanket for your sofa when not in use in the bedroom. Manufactured to exacting German quality, the blankets performance features arise from the use of Tencel (Lyocell Fibres), its high quality cotton, and of course the signature Bella Donna jersey knit. To date, every summer blanket that we have sold this summer has been summarily applauded as an exceptional product that our customers now can not be without.

The detail

The Bella Donna Summer Blanket is made from 39 % Tencel®, 39 % cotton, 22 % polyester (lining), aloe vera & silk proteins. Naturally certified in accordance with the OekoTex® Standard 100, awarded the Confidence in Textiles seal of approval and “made in Germany“.
Washable at 60 degrees.
Size: 150 * 220
Colour: Natural Creme (Grey available on request)
Matching Pillow cases available by special order. Please contact Rested directly.

jersey knit

A woven sheet, such as a classic cotton bedsheet is formed by weaving single individual strands of cotton thread in perpendicular fashion, much like a basket. By contrast, a Jersey knit, is formed with a continuous thread, knitted together in interlocking loops. The principle difference is that the 'knit' gives the cotton fabric 'stretch'. For our purposes, when analysing fitted sheets where the purpose is to obtain a perfect 'mattress hugging' fit, that requires no ironing, and stretches to conform to your body when lying on it (and always bounces back), it simply has to be Jersey. The only question that remained thereafter, is who makes the best?


Lyocell is a botanic fibre derived from tree pulp. We use it because it has 50% more moisture absorption than cotton. It is moisture and humidity that are the principle factors in temperature control, hence Lyocell takes moisture away from you keeping you both dry and cool. In its finest forms, Lyocell is produced with a truly silken feel. This is because under a microscope, Lyocell fibres are completely smooth, unlike Cotton. It has a luxurious, beautiful, smooth finish that is kind to your skin, and yet is also completely washable. Our unique 100% Lyocell Gold quilt covers are a true pleasure with advanced performance.

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