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Which pillow is right for me?
We have tried to be as descriptive as possible on the website but if you are in any doubt we strongly recommend you come and see us. We have a full pillow experience at the Sleep Loft, so that we can make sure you find a pillow that is going to improve your sleep. Please note we can not accept returns of pillows that have been opened at the security seal, for hygiene reasons (statutory rights unaffected).
Why can't I buy your mattresses or sleep systems online?
Our goal is to provide products that will generate better sleep. There is no way that we we can hope to do that, unless our customers select a mattress in person. In order to find perfect comfort, mattresses have to be tried, and compared against each other. Our mattresses and beds need to be selected by you, and then tailored for you.
Do you sell orthopaedic mattresses?
In truth this is simply a marketing phrase created by the sleep industry. All of our mattresses have been designed to provide the right support for you as an individual. Whether it be through differing firmness, zoning, or pressure distribution technologies, we have deliberately created a range that is wide enough to deliver good sleep, back care, and comfort for anyone. If you are searching for a firm mattress with defined comfort zones to assist your back, then the answer is definitely yes.
Are all your sleep systems ergonomic adjustables?
All of the models can also be purchased as non-adjustable beds should you so require.
Do any of your beds or sleep systems have storage inside them?
We have certain specific models that have a storage element. Please call us and we can advise you further.
Do I have to make an appointment to come to the Sleep Loft?
For now, the answer is yes. We want to ensure that our customers have access to the widest and most flexible hours in the industry. We are also determined to make sure you benefit from privacy, and personal service. The appointment system allows us to deliver these advantages, and shape an 'experience' that goes beyond what you could expect at an ordinary shop.
How much are your mattresses?
As an example, our King Size mattresses (150cm) range from £1,600 to £3,000
Do you offer a free trial of your mattresses?
All of our mattresses are made to order to your requirements, therefore we can not offer a free trial. In many ways this is exactly why we have created the RESTED Experience so that you can try and compare mattresses simply and easily. We will not sell a mattress unless both the customer and the RESTED team are completely confident that you have found total comfort. In practice  that is easier than you might think, thanks to the specifics of the range and the experience that we have created.
Do your products carry a warranty?
The Sleep systems and mattresses all carry market leading warranties, ranging from 3 to 15 years dependent on model and manufacturer. We can find a product with a warranty to match your requirements. RESTED Pillows also carry a 3 year warranty.
What is your returns and refunds policy?
You can download our straightforward returns policy here.
Is there parking at the Sleep Loft?
Yes, there is metered parking directly outside the Sleep Loft. The meters accept coins or are on the RingGo pay by mobile system.
How long does an appointment take?
This is entirely dependent on you. Five minutes to simply have a browse,  or perhaps fifteen minutes to undertake the pillow experience. For mattress selection we would recommend you allow up to an hour to fully appreciate the selection. Dealing with Sleep systems can take longer, especially if we are to choose upholstery specifics. These are guidelines but the entire nature of the private experience is that you dictate the timeframe and we will take as long or as little time as you require. Above all, the Sleep Loft is an enjoyable and fun place, where the usual pressures of shopping are simply not present and you dictate the terms.
What are your delivery times?
Online purchases that are in stock are generally dispatched 'next day' by standard courier, and should therefore reach you within 5 working days. Should this not be possible, the RESTED Team will contact you directly. Mattresses are delivered within 4 - 12 weeks depending on the manufacturer, and model. Sleep Systems are delivered within 6 - 12 weeks depending on manufacturer and model.
Will you take away our old mattress?
Of course! We will remove and recycle your old mattress.
What are your opening hours?
You can make an appointment at the Sleep Loft, anytime from 7am to Midnight, seven days per week. Our phone lines are open for any general queries from 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.
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