"We are convinced that good sleep contributes to a healthy and energetic life. We are creating a lasting relationship with our surroundings, the environment and the individual. With passion and curiosity we work towards the ultimate sleeping comfort of tomorrow. ” – Auping Corporate Statement

Auping was established in 1888, when Johannes Auping created the ‘mesh base’, for provision to hospitals and the Royal House.

For more than 125 years Auping has been perfecting the ‘art of sleep’ underpinned by their exceptional design and product innovation. Auping is the market leader in the Netherlands and is consistently awarded for the quality, performance, design and customer satisfaction in relation to its products.

Auping beds focus on specific technologies and sleep theory in their goal to provide that ultimate sleep. The companies focus on wellbeing and healthy sleep is demonstrated through their products.  Incorporating a physical philosophy known as AVS: ‘Active, Ventilation, Support’ is the cornerstone of all Auping products and delivers exceptional sleep, health and wellbeing across their range. Of particular relevance are their patented mesh base, and responsive mattresses incorporating unique pocket spring technologies and body specific zoning. 

The company fundamentally invests in sustainability and harbours the unprecedented ambition of organising all operating processes, products and services fully according to the Cradle to Cradle Gold philosophy (C2C) by 2020. 

At RESTED we are particularly proud to open our relationship with Auping in the United Kingdom. Auping have established themselves both historically, and for the future, as true masters of Sleep. Auping have for the last century had a consistent relationship with the Royal House, and we are particularly delighted to offer The Royal Bed by Auping. An exceptional product, which in our opinion is the pinnacle of sleep innovation and the natural choice for any sleep connoissuer.

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