Our range of luxury pillows has been created to allow you to find the right support as an individual; to suit a specific need whilst providing the highest quality of materials, finishing and technical advancement for improved sleep.

Try them yourself and receive our expert advice at the RESTED London showroom 

Pillow Talk

If you are using more than one pillow to sleep, it is fair to conclude that is because a single pillow wasn't comfortable enough for you. At Rested we always look to find you a single principle pillow that is your 'go to' when it is time to sleep. It should match your sleeping position, the metrics of your shoulder width and neck, and have a response and feel that is your personal definition of true comfort. What it is made of may define all of those aspects, but we also consider many other factors such as hygiene, ventilation, and aesthetics.

Experiential theory

Pillow perfection awaits you at the Rested London Experience.
We have tried to be as descriptive as possible in describing our pillows online. Their specific feel and the technologies they embody. It should be possible to make an informed decision, but if your requirement is to find pillow perfection, we would thoroughly recommend our in-store pillow experience. Take the opportunity to quickly sample all of the pillows in the range and know with certainty that great sleep awaits you. We have created a specific area of the showroom where you can try the pillows, uninterrupted, and feel for yourself the real differences between the various materials that we offer.

Knowledge is key

The Rested Experience is not like a traditional bed shop. We offer a private yet relaxed and fun consultative approach designed to match you to those products that will enhance your sleep.
Many of our concepts and technologies are new. To assist online, we have developed a range of simplified icons to indicate the key features of our products. Where you see them, click to learn more. In addition, our ‘Understand’ section is a complete collection of all the properties of the materials that we use and the Sleep Engineering concepts that they deliver. Detail about the manufacturers and their credentials as best in class can be found in our Provenance section. At Rested, our goal is to be your guides through this new world of Sleep Engineering, to ensure that you find the right product and the best sleep possible.

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