Our Showroom - The Sleep Loft

'The Sleep Loft' by RESTED is designed to be different. Far from a traditional 'bed shop' it is a unique space designed to help you find products that will improve your sleep. It has been designed as an oasis of calm amid the busy streets of London. By internal appearance more like a luxury residential apartment than a shop, so that you can visualise our products within the environment that they will ultimately be used in. 

We invite you to take the enjoyable RESTED experience. There is something inherently fun about trying beds, and we aim to capture that spirit whilst also providing the knowledge to help you find products that will improve your personal sleep. 

‘By appointment’ is critical to the model. It allows us ensure that you have one on one assistance from the minute you arrive at the front door. No waiting, no shop assistants ignoring you and the ability to serve our clients at the time and pace that they require. Operating an appointment system means that we can operate with better trained staff, and much wider hours. So whether you wish to come early or late, 7 days a week, we can accommodate you.

Privacy is key. Lying down on beds can make people feel self conscious, whether they feel that consciously or subconsciously. The experience at RESTED is a private one. No prying eyes from street level, no other customers in-store watching what you are doing. The layout has been designed to allow you total privacy, including from our own staff if you so wish.

The Sleep Loft showroom and presentation of the products therein is designed to focus more on comfort, less on words, and less on pointless aesthetics. The single most important contributing factor to better sleep is in finding real comfort as defined by the individual. Understanding the quality and the technology used to create that comfort is part of it, but the physical effect of the product is most important. Everything at the RESTED Experience is designed to focus you on the comfort of what you feel, rather than as an example, the aesthetic appearance of a mattress (which you will never see again once you put a sheet on it).

The concept of the bedroom Sanctuary is key to our Sleep Engineering philosophy, and therefore the Sleep Loft was designed to be just that. Lighting, sound, decor, all reminiscent not of a sterile ‘bed store’ but of a place of calm, comfort and luxury. 

Simplicity of choice. We have three very different principle leading brands that offer very different aesthetics, and very different technologies. That is enough for us, and should be enough for anyone to find their perfect solution. This means that whether we are talking about beds, mattresses, pillows or sheets, we have a defined experience and a route through it, that offers simple and clear differentiation. We can assist you through that path, or let you take your own. There is no right way, and the end result is always the same. Either you find a product that gives you total comfort, or you don’t. There is no pressure on our part.

Before you purchase, you will know that the product is right for you, and we will know because you will be smiling.

Providing great sleep is a gift and a pleasure, and it certainly doesn’t have to be a serious and technical affair. Quite the opposite, it is intended to be exciting and fun. Every time we open the door at RESTED, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to help our customers find amazing sleep that will benefit their lives and wellbeing. 

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