Your journey to exceptional sleep begins at the base.
Providing critical support for your body and the ability to transform your sleep, bedroom lifestyle and well-being. 
We offer all of our beds in standard and oversize lengths and widths 
Visit us for an experience that will change your nights.  
All  models and more are on display at our luxury showrooms. 

Experiential Theory

We do not sell our beds and mattresses online. In matching you to perfect sleep comfort, it simply has to be done in person, and by comparison.
We personally invite you to the London Rested Experience where we can help you sleep better.
What feels firm to one person is soft to another. Everything is relative; and comfort is completely personal. In providing the best sleep, it is imperative to us that you try the products in person. This mean that you can be completely focussed on comfort rather than words and marketing. It is also the only way to generate complete transparency and confidence for you and us that you have selected a product that meets your requirements and will deliver amazing sleep.
We work to find the ‘no brainer’. No doubts, just better sleep.

Ergonomic Adaptability

How, when, and why we use our bedroom has changed a lot since the creation of the humble bed.
At Rested we define your bedroom as a Sanctuary. Where you sleep and recharge for the next day but also your private space to relax, talk, read, watch, and love; and thus our usage of the bed in modern times has developed into something more.
Ergonomics is the principal of using science to adapt design to maximise the usage and comfort of an item. Sleep Engineering embodies this principal at its core and all of our sleep systems encorporate ergonomic adaptability. To adjust the angles of your bed for total comfort when sleeping and also making it appropriate for the full range of modern lifestyle choices (and do so in comfort).
We are all individuals. We sleep in different positions and we experience true comfort in different ways, and at Rested we match ergonomics to you.

Knowledge is Key

The Rested Experience is not like a traditional bed shop. We offer a private yet relaxed and fun consultative approach designed to match you to those products that will enhance your sleep.
Many of our concepts and technologies are new. To assist,we have developed a range of simplified icons to indicate the key features of our products. Where you see them, click to learn more. In addition, our ‘Understand’ section is a complete collection of all the properties of the materials that we use and the Sleep Engineering concepts that they deliver. Detail about the manufacturers and their credentials as best in class can be found in our Provenance section. At Rested, our goal is to be your guides through this new world of Sleep Engineering, to ensure that you find the right product and the best sleep possible.

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