Experiential Theory

We do not sell our beds and mattresses online. In matching you to perfect sleep comfort, it simply has to be done in person, and by comparison.
We personally invite you to the London Rested Experience where we can help you sleep better.
What feels firm to one person is soft to another. Everything is relative; and comfort is completely personal. In providing the best sleep, it is imperative to us that you try the products in person. This mean that you can be completely focussed on comfort rather than words and marketing. It is also the only way to generate complete transparency and confidence for you and us that you have selected a product that meets your requirements and will deliver amazing sleep.
We work to find the ‘no brainer’. No doubts, just better sleep.

A Material Choice

We have deliberately created a range of mattresses that is limited in its scope, and provides real and obvious differences in ‘feel’. We fundamentally believe in Talalay Latex as an exceptional material for sleep comfort, with many advanced benefits for better sleep. We also recognize that Visco Elastic (Memory Foam) has a significant place in Sleep Engineering, pressure relief and comfort provision. We also include ‘hybrids’ that are based on advanced pocket spring technology, combined with additional performance materials. Across the three choices, there is a clear difference in ‘feel’ that is instantly apparent upon trying the products and allows us to ensure we find the right product without overburdening the process with hundreds of similar mattresses.

Engineered for Improvement

The core principles of support, spinal alignment, pressure relief and comfort are at the heart of our entire range: irrespective of price point or specific manufacturer.
In striving to make your mattress and sleep better we have also included enhanced features across the majority of our range. Removable washable outer covers help preserve the hygiene and longevity of your mattress. Internal construction and materials that focus on ventilation, breathability and temperature control. Detailed zoning of mattresses to fit your individual ‘pressure’ profile.
We are delighted to offer differing firmnesses across the same mattress for you and your partner (BiComfort). We are specialists in providing bespoke sized mattress for specific bed frames, and similarly for oversized or non rectangular mattresses.

Get ready for the Black Friday Sale

This year our Black Friday weekend sale will be bigger, better and more delightfully comfortable than ever.

From mattresses to bed linens, we have some amazing special offers planned; making sure your sleep is optimised for winter and a great 2019 ahead.

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Offers will run Friday 23rd to Monday 26th November inclusive.