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Elysium by Auping


At RESTED we have built our reputation by providing technical and accurate mattress assessment and recommendation for our clients. Enabling better long term back care, enhanced comfort and ultimately better sleep.

We are delighted to announce the release of the incredible Auping Elysium mattress; a reimagined mattress concept based on the philosophy of providing a mattress that is appropriate to you as an individual, relative to your specific bodyform, height and weight. 


We all have differing bodyshapes, heights and weights. To achieve perfect spinal alignment and comfort for your sleep, your mattress needs to take all of those things into account. When you are on your mattress we need to see that it is specifically supporting the length of your body correctly, resulting in a straight spine. This is why at RESTED and at Auping we have always been proponents of 'Zoned' mattresses, where spring tensions are zoned throughout the length of the mattress to respond to the higher pressure areas of your shoulders and hips, whilst supporting your waist/lumbar zone between them.  

In 2020 Auping conducted a unique statistical analysis of the human bodyform, using hundreds of thousands of respondents; allowing them to define a new 'zoned' mattress concept broken down by the most commonly occuring human bodyshape variations; 

The result - Auping Elysium. Now available zoned for your specific bodyshape, as well as height and weight. 

Type X - is for people where the shoulders and hips are wider than their waist. So we allow space and tension for both zones to be accommodated, whilst having firmer lumbar/waist support in between. 

Type Y - is for people with noticeably wider shoulders than their waist or hips. The shoulder zone therefore provides for that extra space, allowing pressure relief for the shoulder and accurate spinal alignment. It is only too common that many mattresses don't accommodate the shoulder properly. 

Type I - is for people with shoulders, waist and hips all of approximately the same dimension. An even bodyform distribution that is reflected in the mattress.  

 How does it work? 

First we select the bodyshape category that most closely resembles your individual form - I, Y, or X. 

Then we calculate which overall category of tensioning is correct for your height and weight. It's important to allow you to sink into the mattress, but only to a certain level - giving you the benefits of comfort and pressure relief through softness, whilst maintaining the right amount of underlying support. 

Once we combine bodyform, height and weight, then we can generate the perfect mattress for you, as an individual. Better yet, the new Elysium range is available as a double mattress, with internally differentiated core elements. What we refer to as a Bicomfort or Dual tension mattress. Meaning that if you are sharing a double bed with a partner, you each get to create your side of the bed in the tension and bodyshape variation that is right for you. No more compromises necessary. 

What's it made of? 

Elysium itself is a revolutionary mattress. Made entirely of just two raw materials. Steel and Polyester. No foams, no loose fillings, and no fire retardant chemicals required. In doing so, Auping have created a mattress with unique benefits;

  • Elysium is the most breathable mattress Auping have ever produced (and they were already famous for the most breathable mattresses in the world!). Meaning that air and moisture can flow freely throughout the mattress allowing you to say temperature regulated. Cool sleeping on a whole new level. 
  • Elysium has massively increased longevity. With no foam and no loose fillings, both of which typically will degrade or flatten over time, the comfort layers of Elysium have the capacity to last without deformation for far longer than previous technology mattresses. 
  • Elysium is healthy - it has zero 'off gassing', zero 'smell', and is entirely inert. It is hypoallergenic, and bed bug resistant. The perfect mattress for those that want clean, fresh sleep every night. 
  • Beyond the sleep credentials, Elysium has been created for sustainability. It is the world's first 'Circular' mattress - a truly groundbreaking environmental approach that Auping have dedicated themselves to providing the world. 35 million mattresses are sent to landfill every year in Europe. Even the few that can be recycled, are only done so in part, and are typically downcyled into a lesser product before that too hits the landfill at the end of its life. But not Elysium.  Due to the use of only two materials, and the development of a very specific construction process and adhesive, at the end of its life, Elysium can be 100% deconstructed and recycled into a new Elysium mattress with zero waste and zero material addition. This is what 'circularity' means for a product. An infinite, zero waste lifecycle without the need for new materials. When you buy an Elysium we ask you to enter a contract with us, that at the end of its life, we can collect it (for free), and turn it into a new mattress. So every Elysium that is purchased means one less to landfill, and not just now, but forever

Here at RESTED, we are now able to offer you all the variants of Elysium and a specific consultation to allow us to find the perfect Elysium for you. 

Book your appointment here. 

Pricing for the Elysium starts at £1,745 for Standard Single (90 * 200cm). 

Evolve is available in widths 70/80/90/100/120/140/150/160/180/200cm

Evolve is available in lengths 190/200/210/220cm. 


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