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RESTED is not a traditional bed shop. It is an experience. Our concept, range and showroom are designed for those that recognise sleep as being key to personal health and wellbeing on a daily and longterm basis.  

Choosing a bed and mattress can be difficult. Our offer is simple. To take a limited selection of the best in the world and present them in an environment conducive to that choice. With the necessary knowledge and consultative approach to allow people to choose that which will benefit their sleep the most. 

The heart of ‘RESTED’ is straightforward. We have a layered approach to the totality of sleep, as good sleep is the sum of its parts. It is the physical and the mental and there is no one right answer for everybody. Your sleep is a product of how you feel when you go to bed, your bedroom environment and all of the physical products that you are close to. Not just the mattress, but the bed base, sheets, quilt, sound, smell, lighting and beyond. 

We have created a range that can fit to most budgets and provides scope for improving your sleep in every aspect. Technology is at the forefront of the concept. Improved performance defined by the materials that surround you every night, what their properties are, and how they contribute to refreshing sleep.

Our showroom (The Sleep Loft) is the frontline, where we help people on a daily basis. It is and always will be critical for us to have a physical space where beds, mattresses and materials can be compared to each other. Our website is a further resource to assist that process. It is where you can view, learn,  and understand the technologies of sleeping engineering and how to sleep better.

How the concept came about is quite simple. As widely traveled UK residents, we became aware that our little island was not yet supplied by certain manufacturers and many amazing products that were freely available in the rest of the world. Indeed the UK philosophy on sleep appeared to be at odds with most of Europe and the Americas, where sleep is fundamentally acknowledged as a critical and integral part of wellbeing. Research and Development has created products and proven results that have provided consumers in those countries the confidence to invest in improving their sleep as an achievable and important goal. By contrast, sleep products in the UK have become polarised between budget offerings, or high value traditional luxury bed making, using traditional materials. Where we differ is in acknowledging that true sleep luxury is delivered by innovation, performance and technology, and this is what we represent with our partners.


Comfort is key. Comparison is key. We believe strongly that consumers must experience their mattress and bed in person and in making their choice, have a physical comparison upon which to base it. The internet is a wonderful resource for information, but there are some things that simply must be tried. Otherwise all that differentiates them for the consumer is a war of words and internet marketing. The RESTED London experience, is our opportunity to present our showcase of these exceptional products. In doing so, we offer complete transparency. If our products do not meet expectations in person, then there is no reason to buy them.


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