Interior designers

As a showcase of the best beds in the world, we have introduced to the UK unique technologies and new standards for sleep comfort. These technologies go hand in hand with aesthetic design concepts:  considerations of these advanced beds as both a furniture and a lifestyle choice, set within the concept of total bedroom design and improved wellbeing.

All of our suppliers have in their own way introduced ground breaking designs that are now available exclusively through RESTED. Our business works with interior designers to incorporate specific bed concepts into their schemes. Designers who are interested in providing their clients a service that goes above and beyond - exceptional design and innovative product selection that will improve their lives.  All of our beds are made to order and therefore hold the capability for limitless customisation, not only in terms of upholstered fabrics, but for custom design, sizing, and detailing. We are able to produce beds to your specific designs, and also add our technologies to existing beds, frames, and headboards. We often work on this basis to create showstopping pieces.

Necessarily we are delighted to conduct private experiences for designers and their clients to allow them to sample the technologies, establish design parameters, and find their perfect sleep comfort options at the same time.  

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