Slim Equilibrium

  • 100% Dunlop Process Latex
  • 10cm Low loft tapered pillow for gently inclined neck support. 
  • Ideal for Front Sleepers. 
  • Designed to allow unobstructed easy breathing for front (and side) sleepers. 
  • Dual sided with enhanced air flow surface for temperature regulation. 
  • Silk & Micro Modal Outer Cover; Skin and Haircare enhanced. 
  • 'Equilibrium' woven diffusion technology - Dissipates your daily electrical charge for enhanced sleep efficiency. 
  • Intelligent Anti Static effect to actively repel dust.  
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Probiotic anti dustmite surface treatment for total hygiene and freshness 


More Information

Our extensive testing on front sleepers determined that comfortable neck positioning and the abiltiy to breathe properly are best achieved with a slim line pillow. Many front sleepers experience neck pain from excessive loft, and likewise from pushing away pillows and sleeping without them. The challenge for us was to get it just right. Combined with the texture of the dual sided surface zoning of the pillow and the sublime luxury of our Equilibrium cover, this pillow is a 'solution' that we believe in.

The detail

100% Dunlop Latex Core
100% Natural Cotton Inner Cover
Equilibrium Advanced Outer Cover (Removable & Washable)
(Polyester, Modal, Silk & 'Intense' Blend)
Dimensions: To Fit British Standard Pillow Cases
3 year Warranty



dual surface

Differentiating the two sides of a pillow allows the user the final 'tweak' on a daily basis to ensure that your pillow is optimised for you. Whether you prefer a smooth flat feel, or a gently contoured feel is down to you, and these pillows recognise that to have choice is a performance advancement.

dunlop latex

Dunlop Latex is the long established industry standard for quality latex manufacture. We utlitise it in our pillows because it has very different feel to Talalay Latex, that is through our research, more commonly found to be preferred for pillow use. It is less bouncy, and firmer than Talalay, but provides the support, quick response, and resilience to make it a fantastic material for your 'mattress of the head'. In addition as a material, it is more easily manipulated to allow us to create our signature shapes and designs which accentuate your personal comfort and the uniqueness of our pillows. Dunlop latex is well known for its durability, breathability, and of course that is naturally hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial.

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We set ourselves a defined challenge. To develop a pillow that would make you sleep better. Grounded in science and combined with luxury. Unique to the UK, the Equilibrium pillow is your key to enhanced sleep quality.

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front sleeper

Choosing the right pillow is one of the most important aspects of creating the best possible sleep for you. It is not only a matter of comfort preference; the right pillow also depends on what position you most commonly sleep in, and the metrics of your individual sizing, particularly neck length and shoulder width. When we assist our clients in finding the right pillow, achieving spinal alignment is paramount, as is maximising your airflow for healthy comfortable sleep. Front sleeping is the most awkward of sleeping positions, and in relation to sleep posture and back care, it is the most difficult to deal with. There are two key aspects to assisting front sleeping for those who acknowledge it as their most comfortable sleep position. Firstly to ensure that the pillow does not force the head upwards, placing stress upon the neck and spine. A slim pillow is the most likely way to achieve this effectively. Secondly, to ensure that the pillow allows you to breathe. Many front sleepers find that they have to sleep ‘at the edge’ of the pillow, otherwise it would be impossible to breathe, so a front sleeper benefits from pillows that don’t bulk up around the indentation of your head. The Slim Equilibrium has been designed to do both of these things, and subject to your specific metrics and comfort preferences, it is an excellent solution for most front sleepers.


There is a lot of terminology banded around regarding the 'allergen' performance of mattresses. What we know is this: dust mites like to live in warm dark places, in moisture filled, closed environments. Latex mattresses afford no such opportunity, and neither do truly ventilated mattresses. Hypo-allergenic means 'less allergen likely than others', which is the truth of the matter and why we use that statement for mattresses to which it applies. In addition to a materials specific properties and the ventilation of mattresses to reduce allergens, most of our mattresses also have removable washable covers, which is a significant step in terms of being able to regularly wash away any dust, skin cells or allergens that are either airborne or may accumulate through your use of the bed.

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