RESTED Sleep Engineering was established in 2015. Our defined goals are: 

To introduce the UK to the concept and science of Sleep Engineering.

To partner only with those brands that share our philosophy and hold international recognition as masters in their field. 

To be a champion of better sleep, and its contribution to health and wellbeing. 

To seek out the latest technologies and offer what is new, and what is different.

To establish ourselves as the leading retailer of ergonomic adjustable beds in the UK. 

To uphold and focus on the perspective that sleep is individual. Comfort, firmness, position, are all personal. The only right answer is from the individual.

To change the physical process of 'bed buying' for the better. To create an experience that is more personal and designed to create real points of difference between products.

To recognise that consumers require choice, but that our value is to cut through the excess.  

To offer an exalted service level, both in terms of knowledge prior to purchase, and for the service of delivery, installation and after-care. To build long term relationships rather than transactions.

Just like our sleep systems, ours is a layered approach. We can offer enhancement through a single sheet, or a complete sleep system. All of the products that we have selected are capable of making a difference, and our role is to serve as an introducer and a guide through the world of Sleep engineering towards better sleep.  

To date, we have been joined by many established brands. Brands of provenance, who necessarily have an enormous choice of potential retailers, and yet have chosen RESTED. We all work on the same philosophy and towards the same conclusion; Happy, informed customers, sleeping better than ever before. 

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