Designed by one of Italy's most famous artisinal bed making dynasties, Notti D'Amore by Salvadori is the perfect marriage between aesthetic beauty and sleep performance.

Since 1969, the Salvadori family have consistently produced beds and mattresses of the highest technical quality. With many unique patents to their name, Notti beds are hand crafted in their privately owned steelworks in Treviso. A product of Venetian provenance that has been engineered to provide longevity and remarkable sleep comfort. For us it was the perfect blend of tradition, elegance and quality with our perspective of technical advancement and true sleep engineering.  

Together with RESTED, that engineering focus has been applied to that which matters most; accurate spinal support and alignment together with the comfort of total pressure relief for the shoulder and hip zones. Combined within the beauty of their passionately expressive designer upholstered bed frames.

Notti D'Amore beds incorporate various unique technologies:

Lifetime Guaranteed 'indestructible' nylon polymer slats. Optimised for stability, breathability, and hygiene.

Omni Directional spring loaded comfort zones - for total pressure relief and comfort adjustment for the hip and shoulder. A Notti D'amore bed can be individually set by the customer or installer to match their body profile in combination with your selected mattress, sleep position, and bodyform. 

Embracing technology and design, Notti D'Amore also offer full wireless smartphone control on all adjustable models.

Thanks to the patented Technosoft slat design, the beds offer the highest level of ventilation and temperature control.  Removable/washable upholstery also enhances the longevity and appearance of the upholstered bed.  

Notti D'amore means 'nights of love'. It is that unique Italian passion that their beds bring to the UK, exclusively @ RESTED.    

We are proud to present a range of three design options that all incorporate the same integral technology for better sleep performance. Contemporary italian designer luxury at the heart of your bedroom and sleep experience. 

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