‘Changing Sleep for those that change the world’

At RESTED our task is to stay at the forefront of sleep innovation. Working with those who embrace the philosophy of better sleep as a way of life and daily performance; companies and innovators who understand sleep, creating products that truly deliver genuine enhancement.

We are delighted to welcome to the UK on an exclusive basis, Freshbed by Van Doornewaard. In our opinion, the most ground breaking and effective sleep system currently available.

Scientists have discovered that human sleep is optimised between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius. In this thermoneutral temperature zone, the body does not feel hot or cold and is at rest. Outside this zone, the body will start to function, even wake-up, to correct the temperature. The facts are simple; 52% of people rank temperature control as a critical factor to undisturbed sleep. Secondly only to ‘stress’ (65%).

FreshBed delivers the perfect climate under the duvet, keeping the body in the thermoneutral zone for better sleep. With your temperature under control, you can fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper, longer and with less interruptions; enhanced sleep quality. The patented base technology delivers active airflow upwards through your bed and mattress, providing you with the perfect temperature and consistent microclimate.

Clean, fiitered fresh air circulates around you for undisturbed sleep whilst an internal thermostatic system works to keep that airflow and the temperature you experience in the perfect ‘sweetspot’ for optimised total rest. Temperature can be individually adjusted on both sides of the bed to deliver colder or hotter air, depending on you and your partners preference. Keeping you both delightfully cool in the hotter summer environment, or perfectly warm throughout the winter.

The entire air volume in your bedroom room will be filtered on average 4 times per hour; removing 99.97% of airborne substances, such as pollen, dust, smoke, pollution and mould spores. Drawn in by the completely silent medical grade HEPA filter within the bed, and channeled upwards to your mattress surface and your body. FreshBed also controls the humidity level to ensure it is kept below 50% relative humidity. This guarantees a fresh, clean and allergy-friendly bed. In comparison,  traditional beds will have a relative humidity that reaches 65 – 80%.  

In addition to the benefits of temperature control and undisturbed sleep, our testing found that FreshBed also solved a number of common nighttime experiences that reduce sleep quality for many people.

Firstly, the active movement of temperature regulated air effectively stops you from sweating, and creates a completely dry and ‘crisp’ sleep environment. No more waking up in saturated sheets or gasping for water as you dehydrate through the night. It is called the ‘FreshBed’ but it is also the ‘drybed’ and for that matter the ‘coolbed’ if that is your preference. 

It is also common that as people heat up their mattress under their body, they wake and seek out a ‘cold spot’ to move to. Not with FreshBed, as the entire bed surface is maintained at a consistently ‘perfect’ temperature.

We also found that the ability to individually adjust the temperature of airflow on both sides of the bed meant that the usual argument with our partner as to what the room temperature should be, whether to open the window, and what duvet to use, were all completely irrelevant. Our sleep temperature was being generated by the bed to our exact personal preference. 


The power of Freshbed is revealed in its clientele – most notably the ‘sleep’ industry – those hoteliers of the world whose business relies upon providing their clients with exceptional sleep; so good that their customers will remember it and return. This is why FreshBed now adorns many of the most exclusive 5* hotel suites in the world;

  • The Lanserhof Tegernsee – Europes leading Hotel Spa and winner of Worlds Leading Medical Spa for the last three years.
  • The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
  • The Beau Rivage Palace, Switzerland
  • Hotel Le Fouquet, Champs Elysees, Paris
  • The Dylan, Amsterdam
  • The Park Hyatt, Vienna
  • The Metropole, Monte Carlo




 FreshBed technology is produced in a variety of forms. Capable of being fitted as a ‘drop in’ to an existing bed frame, as an upholstered divan, or freestanding as an item of true aesthetic beauty. At the RESTED showroom we are delighted to showcase the beautiful Ifo Design model in collaboration with award winning designer Robert Kolenik.

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