@aroma are Japanese master scent designers. Established in early 2000, they have grown to establish their own international niche as the premiere designers of scents and diffusion technologies to specifically enhance spaces, activities, and mood.

Their signature is in the complex blending of finest 100% pure essential oils. They are also pioneers in the realm of 'Piezo' diffusion. 

Operating their own chain of stores in the major Japanese cities, they have as a company demonstrated their success and capabilities within both the business and consumer sector. Their unique perspective and skills have garnered international recognition and a growing popularity amongst those who experience and understand that our sense of smell plays a key role in our life and greatly alters experiences and perceptions. @aroma have operated for many years within the commercial sector, supplying the worlds best hotels with specifically designed fragrances. The Mandarin Oriental, The Westin, The Ritz Carlton.... Their commercial success now extends across many sectors. Automotive, Transport, Retail, Food, Fitness. Major clients such as Lexus, Mercedes, Lufthansa, Al Nippon, and many luxury and boutique retailers, all of whom wish to enhance their customer experience through scent.

At RESTED our goal was to find scents that will alter the bedroom environment. To enhance your relaxation, the process of falling asleep, during your sleep and for awakening in the morning. @Aroma have established themselves globally as having the most detailed and most quality approach to scent design, offering an exceptionally wide range of carefully defined fragrances, and an equally innovative range of diffusers.

@aroma use 100% natural oil ingredients sourced from across the globe and in accordance with the international standards of IFRA an REACH. Their scent designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the functionality, design, and blending of those pure oils, to match spaces and moods. The use of essential oils is commonplace within the realms of aromatherapy, but @aroma present not only the finest quality and blending, but a completely unique approach to scent design and its usage. 

Our partnership with @aroma is a particularly exciting one. The entire @aroma experience is something new, and  to be savoured and enjoyed. At the RESTED showroom we offer a full experience whereby you can sample the 40+ fragrances to choose those perfect for your purpose, falling asleep, relaxing, or waking up. 

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