For 40 years Elegante been producing unique handcrafted bed linens of the highest quality. 100% Manufactured in Germany at their design studios, Elegante set an international standard for fashion designed bed linens. At their facility in Beilefeld, they develop 50-60 designs per year based on current interior design trends. 

Due to the traditional handicraft of true studio-design, Elegante develop exceptional textile quality. Cutting by pattern, decorative designs with piping, cords and picot seams, their very name 'Elegante' is a reflection of their ethos.

Using the best raw materials from both Germany and Asia, Elegante are committed to excellence and the provision of sheets that by design and quality are elevated on an international level. There are few global bed linen companies within the elite that lead the way, and Elegante has firmly established itself within that group.

For any customer the first unwrapping of an Elegante sheet, and indeed the first night under one, is the only testament that is needed. The products, finishing and feel, exude quality and instantly demonstrate everything that a bed linen can be and why Elegante are regarded as amongst the best in the world.

The Elegante range is extensive, and distinctly personal to the end user. We have tried to limit our range by focussing on their Honeymoon Jersey collection which we believe has a finish that augments sleep, and is a completely unique product that is unparalleled in the market. The entire Elegante range is of course available to us and our clients, and we hold their full design catalogues in store so that clients and interior designers can choose and specify from the hundreds of designs that Elegante have created during their history.  

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