The Coze story began four generations ago with a factory in the East end of London. A textile business, set up in 1979 to provide textiles to major institutions such as hospitals, care homes, and hotels. The business grew consistently and rapidly, successfully developing into one of the main providers of luxury product to the top five-star hotels.

The quality of their textiles began a consistent line of enquiry from hotel guests who had experienced them and wanted to take them home.

 “This then started conversations to think about developing a B2C brand, one based on a legitimate quality, transparency and an almost capsule-like collection to introduce, but not flood, the consumer market,”

 Coze was born, and prides itself on being a small selection of only the very best household textiles with the range incorporating linen, pillows, duvets, towelling and blankets. The range has pedigree, and provenance. Coze are as they say, both masters and merchants of fine linen.

 CEO, Benjamin Roston, has distinct principles and believes Coze highlights quality and ethical production for a new-wave of textiles, one away from what he sees as an industry tarnished by the perception of being old and ‘fusty’.

 “Coze is high-end, quality and it is expensive but not exclusive. We put great emphasis on sustainability and ethical standards. Traceability is important and we work with cotton farmers in India and literally trace the journey of the seed to product, so we have a tremendous respect and relationship with our raw material providers. We believe in only the very best and we can control this through our partners,”

 From India and linen, through to towelling made in Turkey and blankets in Italy, Coze carefully sources product from regions that make only the very best quality. Testament to this is the sourcing of Pyrenean duck down from the foothills of the French region - a down that is widely becoming regarded as the best in the world.

“We pay attention to the finer detail”

 Coze, with an alluring minimalist vision is all about a sophisticated and classic high end luxury, a lifestyle for the aspirational who favour quality combined with comfort for the ultimate experience.

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