It is true to say that the part of the bed you will consistently make the largest amount of physical contact with, is your bed sheet. It follows that it is a critical element of the ultimate sleep experience, and a significant factor within the field of Sleep Engineering.

Formesse was established in 1947 as a family business and remains so to this day. It has built its reputation by providing absolute excellence in one specific product line. The Jersey Fitted Sheet. Formesse are without question true experts, specialists and the market leaders in fitted bed sheets. There are many choices of bed sheet, but there is only one by Formesse and it sits on a pedestal above the rest of the market.

Formesse sheets are manufactured in the Black Forests of Bavaria and neighbouring Alsace, using a traditional approach to skilled manufacturing. They offer exceptional consistency, quality of production and a truly ethical approach. All Formesse products are certified Oeko Tex 100. Formesse, and the quality of its Jersey sheets have played a key role in transforming global perceptions from woven to knitted sheets, demonstrating the many advantages and sublime luxury of Jersey.

At RESTED, we actively seek to engage our customers in understanding the benefits of Jersey sheets, and the quality of the Formesse range. To find out more about the Formesse Bella Donna range, please see our bed linens section.    

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