Wild Silk

Imagine an extremely lightweight duvet that can keep you cool throughout spring and summer. When we first experienced sleeping under silk, we were astonished by the performance of the material. The 'drape' of the duvet is exceptional, falling and nestling around your every contour and thereby keeping you warm, but at the same time undisturbed due to the lightness of its caress. The Wild Silk duvet is an item to savour and enjoy and is a complete expression of what a performance 'Pure Natural' can be. 

Hand crafted in the Netherlands, using 100% Tussah Silk from Asia, our Wild Silk duvet is a luxurious 'surprise' that is without question absolutely perfect for summer nights, but in our experience is a product that can also use for the majority of the year in a temperature controlled home.  


Explore the key features

Sleeping with 'Wild Silk'

The first and most overriding impression of the Wild Silk duvet is formed when you touch it. Beyond the sublime Cotton Sateen outer, you can feel the silken fibres within, that move without friction, smoothly and silently, and drape delightfully around every contour of your body. The duvet is lightweight. It is for those people that like to gather their quilt around themselves (as opposed to those who prefer duvets of 'loft' and air to sleep 'under'). If you sleep hot, then the Wild Silk duvet is the solution, and not only will it keep you just right in terms of temperature, but the overall experience is a powerful combination of luxury and nature combined into a very special product.

The detail

100% Cotton Sateen Outer Cover
100 % Tussah Silk Filling
The Wild Silk Duvet is dry clean only.
Should you wish to understand the exact fill weight of your duvet, please contact us directly.
Please let us know if you require a custom size.
Oeko Tex 100 Certified

summer soft

Sleep Engineering doesn't have to be overly technical. When considering our quilt ranges, standard UK 'tog' measures are largely inappopriate as most of our quilts are temperature regulating and therefore can not be classified with 'tog'. Our quilts react to you and your body temperature. So we try and keep things simple. Summer soft means that the quilt is lightweight and suitable for those that sleep in consistent temperature environments year round (i.e you use the heating in the winter). Our 'winter warmth' ranges are heavier, warmer, and suitable for the coldest months, and anyone who would naturally say that they require a high level of warmth from their quilt. In practice, the choise is easy and self evident, particulary in person at the Rested Experience.

tussah silk

Known also as Wild Silk, Tussah Silk is known for its durability, heavenly feel and outstanding 'drape. Unlike Mullberry Silk, the Tussah silk worm is capable of surviving in the wild. Our quilt is 100% Tussah silk filled and provides the important qualities of natural temperature regulation, moisture absorption, breathability, and a luxurious feel. What is most evident to any user is that the duvet is lightweight and floaty, but drapes around you and has a performance that seems magical and unexpected relative to its weight. To describe the duvet as cool in the summer and warm in the winter would not do it justice. As a natural temperature regulator we have found it to be just perfect for all conditions.

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