Somnox Sleep Robot

The Somnox Sleep Robot is the ultimate sleep companion; a remarkable technology that helps you to fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake up refreshed.

Somnox was developed by four robotics engineers in the Netherlands in collaboration with Royal Auping. The Somnox Robot innovatively uses a number of proven relaxation techniques to transition the body into a relaxed state of sleep. Breathing regulation, soothing music and the closeness of a soft and ergonomically designed cushion.

Controlled by the Somnox app, the user can set their preferences to allowthe Sleep Robot to help you relax in a way that’s right for you. Alter different breathing rhythms to generate the effect that is right for you to help you fall asleep more efficiently. 

Watch the official video here. 

The Somnox Robot is on display and available for use at the RESTED Sleep Loft. Come and try this amazing technology and relax with Somnox. 


More Information

What does it do?
The principal function of the Somnox Sleep Robot is in the simulation of human breathing; a scientifically proven cognitive technique to accelerate the process of falling asleep.
Cuddling the ergonomically designed robot, it gently expands/rises in a deliberately seamlessly smooth yet gentle motion. Your own breathing rate will align with that of the robot, and then the robot rate reduces, bringing you towards the slowed breathing required for relaxation and ultimately sleep.
Cuddling or holding the robot and feeling it breathe has an incredibly relaxing effect on both body and mind, which are the key ingredients for the instigation of commencement into your sleep cycles.
Additionally, the Somnox Sleep Robot provides the user with audio (through the concealed ibuilt speakers), engineered by dedicated audio technologists. Soothing sounds such as heartbeats, lullabies, white noise and guided meditation are gently emitted from the robot (controlled by the accompanying app) at a level just enough to engage the user and and yet not be heard by your partner.

The Science:
Somnox have gathered the feedback of over 5,000 people to validate the functions of the Somnox sleep robot over the past two years. Multiple testing rounds in collaboration with sleep specialists, hospitals and somnologists, have assessed the various prototypes with potential users.
Somnox is your guide to breathing during the night. It works through the principle of ‘entrainment’ whereby when introduced to a rhythm (i.e the breathing of the robot), we will naturally synchronise over time with that breathing rhythm. Since the robot is programmed to subsequently slow the breathing rhythm, this effect powerfully brings you closer to relaxation and sleep. Deep breathing, characterised by exhale time longer than inhale, is a highly effective method to engage the Parasympathic Nervous System: being the ‘rest & digest’ autonomous function of our body. As we stimulate the PNS system, we move towards relaxation and sleep.
In recent tests 90% of test respondents confirmed that they fell asleep faster when using Somnox. In real terms that meant cutting the time required to fall asleep from 40 minutes down to 20 mins (with an average ‘fall asleep time’ with the Robot of only 17 minutes).
And the shape?
A huge amount of data and design created the ergonomic shape and proportions of the Robot – it is designed to fit comfortably into the foetal position that many of us adopt when it is time to go to sleep, and the dimensions, comfort and rigidity have been meticulously created so as to replicate the sensation of cuddling a human. The goal being to create a robot that feels like a living being.

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