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A quilt should keep you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. Keeping you comfortable and assisting your sleep by preventing wake ups due to temperature, your quilt plays a very important role. Maintaining a temperature that is 'just right' throughout the night is critical for good sleep.  This principle of Thermoregulation is the key concept within our entire range of quilts. As it should happen, there is a natural thermoregulator. Wool.

Our 100% Merino wool filled duvet is a 'pure' luxury, where simplicity was key for us. Pure white 100% Cotton Sateen outer shell, filled with 100% finest European Merino Wool, sourced from Oeko Tex 100 certified suppliers. Designed by nature to both luxuriate and perform.   

Naturally moisture wicking, hypoallergenic, resistant to mould, mite, and bacterial growth. Wool duvets in the field of Sleep Engineering are a 'miracle' of nature. The Merino Lux is a demonstration of what it takes to create a wool duvet of majesty and luxury for those that wish to sleep natural.  


Explore the key features

Sleeping with 'Merino Lux'

Wool is fundamentally a 'regulator' rather than an insulator (down or polyester). The reason to own a pure merino duvet is if you are interested in maintaining a consistent body temperature throughout the night. Wool can absorb 35% of its own weight in moisture, wicking it away from your body, and as it happens, it is moisture control that plays an absolutely critical role in keeping you regulated and not waking you through excess sweating. We do not tog rate our duvets because this is a measure for the performance of insulators as opposed to regulators. We offer our Merino in two weight categories. The heavier 'Winter' version has 40% more fill than our 'Seasonal' version. 'Winter' is therefore appropriate for colder seasons, or those people who desire that feeling of greater weight and warmth in bed, and have less consistent control over their bedroom temperature (i.e a bedroom that is not thermostatically heated overnight and suffers greater cold exposure (poor glazing etc) during the temperature drop off during the middle of the night. Merino Wool is naturally hypo allergenic, resists dust mites and mould growth. In all aspects, the Merino Lux is a high performance quilt, gifted by nature itself. The quilts are manufactured individually to order by our experienced craftsman in the Netherlands. Our quilt is a both a luxurious pleasure and a performance item for those who wish to 'sleep natural'.

The detail

100% Cotton Sateen Luxurious Outer Cover
The Cotton that we use has been 'Calendered' (heated and shrunk) to make it fibre proof.
100 % European Merino Wool Filling
To benefit from the Purity of our product, and retain the Lanolin of the wool, the Merino Lux is dry clean only.
Should you wish to understand the exact fill weight of your duvet, please contact us directly.
Please let us know if you require a custom size.
Oeko Tex 100 Certified

merino wool

Natural, sustainable, thermo regulating. Merino Wool is regarded as the highest tier of 'wool' due to its finesse and crimping. Capable of absorbing 35% of its own weight in moisture, it has the ability to keep you at just the right temperature throughout the night. Microscopic cuticles open and close to regulate moisture and temperature. It is naturally resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew. Wool is a product that excels in all aspects, and we have carefully selected our Merino wool to create duvets that perform and feel soft and supple with excellent drape.

winter warmth

Sleep Engineering doesn't have to be overly technical. When considering our quilt ranges, standard UK 'tog' measures are largely inappopriate as most of our quilts are temperature regulating and therefore can not be classified with 'tog'. Our quilts react to you and your body temperature. So we try and keep things simple. Summer soft means that the quilt is lightweight and suitable for those that sleep in consistent temperature environments year round (i.e you use the heating in the winter). Our 'winter warmth' ranges are heavier, warmer, and suitable for the coldest months, and anyone who would naturally say that they require a high level of warmth from their quilt. In practice, the choise is easy and self evident, particulary in person at the Rested Experience.

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