Ando 420 TC

100% Long Staple Indian Cotton

Pure white, Sateen Weave

Hemstitched white border detail

420 Thread Count


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From seed to sheet. Finest Indian Cotton by Coze.

More than 100 years in the textile industry, creating the finest sheets for Londons finest hotels gives Coze a unique perspective. What really matters in a cotton sheet is ensuring the quality of every step of the process. In this case, tracing and controlling the production from the first cotton seed, through the harvest and loom all the way to a finished product and a customer. Working with Indian cotton allows Coze to achieve this endeavour. The cotton is grown and harvested by local people with whom they have relationship. It is woven in close proximity in the Bay of Bengal in ethical conditions in communites that they support and help to educate. The range is pure. Its elegance defined by simplistic sophistication. Simple accents, differentiated by classic colours or detailed stitching, allow an easy choice based on classic aesthetics. Percale or Sateen weave, and a range of increasing thread counts provides the versatility to find the perfect cotton for anyone. Percale weave improves with each and every wash and is exceptionally breathable. The Sateen weave is more tightly woven for a heavier, warmer finish. Pre-wash before first use recommended. General washing is recommended at 40 degrees, with low heat tumble drying.


Thread Count is a measure of the number of threads per square inch. Notoriously complicated by the difference between multi-ply yarn and single yarn cottons, length of staple, type of weave, and lack of international standard. Our perspective is that different thread counts create different 'feels' to the cotton that relate to your comfort preference. We work with the highest quality suppliers of finest single ply long staple cottons, and thus the thread count across our range can be more accurately determined by feel. The greater the thread count, the more dense the weave, and therefore the heavier, and more substantial the sheet becomes. We will not state that greater thread count is 'better', as it depends on the feel that you personally appreciate in a sheet. We recommend the higher thread counts to those that want a feel of traditional luxury; a sheet with weight and substance. We recommend the lower thread counts if you prefer a more breathable lightweight feel to your linens.

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