RESTED announces FreshBed to the UK

"We are delighted to announce the arrival of FreshBed in the UK, exclusively at RESTED.  Our goal is to deliver those products that bring genuine sleep optimisation. To us that means more than incorporating technology for technologies sake. Ever since we heard of FreshBed we have been waiting for our team to test it in person; To make our own assessment, and understand the science and vision of creator Barry Van Doornewaard. Having been through that process in 2018, we have the personal confidence and knowledge that FreshBed provides an unparalleled sleep experience; and that the bed itself represents the unique reality of technical advancement for better sleep. 

We know from our own experience here at the RESTED showroom, that many people come to us complaining about temperature related issues interrupting their sleep. It is a key element to many of our products. Yet FreshBed is a product that meets the challenge headon, and solves it, in conclusive fashion. Active ventilation is the key, and when you combine that with individualised temperature control, the result is exceptional. We are not alone in that conclusion. It is evident that a large (and continuously expanding) selection of the best hotels in the world have opted for FreshBed to adorn their suites; where guests are looking for the best possible sleep. 

We love the fact that you can physically feel and see the airflow rising up through your bed. There is nothing like it. Even better, the bed is also filtering the total air volume in your bedroom, hence you receive this incredible freshness. Better sleep at night, and a better feeling when you wake up. The bed completely solves matters of sweating in bed, and of differing temperature requirements for you and your partner. It is simply amazing to sleep without sweating and in a consistent thermostatically controlled environment under your duvet. We are very excited to partner with FreshBed in our showroom, and to be part of a shared goal to help show our customers the positive effects of better sleep through amazing products such as this"

Toby Walzer - Managing Director - RESTED | Sleep Engineering

Changing Sleep for those that change the world.

Sleep is the foundation for your well-being. That is why you deserve the best night’s sleep possible. FreshBed enhances the quality of your sleep through delicious climate control. Fall asleep faster, experience longer, deeper sleep, and wake up more refreshed. Every day.

We are pleased to welcome RESTED | Sleep Engineering to our dealer network and we look forward to working with them closely to establish our brand here in this luxury market.

We take time to evaluate the right bed stores and people to represent the FreshBed brand and I’m very happy with our new partner and this excellent location.  It is the passion for sleep improvement that brought us together. At RESTED it’s all about better sleep. They know that the final element of sleep luxury is, as they call it themselves,  ‘performance’ and there are many functional performance factors that can be optimized for better sleep. Of most relevance are thermoregulation, moisture control, and hygiene. This is already part of their advisory philosophy. In their search for excellence they discovered FreshBed. And after experiencing FreshBed themselves by sleeping on Freshbed at Hotel Merlet  they were convinced”.

Barry Van Doorneward -  FreshBed creator and CEO

FreshBed is available at the RESTED London showroom from 17th October onwards. 

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To make an appointment to experience the Freshbed in person, please contact the showroom on 020 8960 1754 or use our contact form here


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