Of billionaires and boats

Over the last five years we have had the pleasure to serve a truly diverse clientele. That's because sleep matters to everyone, irrespective of age and wealth. We are just as frequently delivering optimised sleep to young married couples as we are to retirees. Or helping students on a budget whilst also serving billionaires.

So today, whilst we tell the tale of our latest installation on an incredible Superyacht, we do so against the backdrop of an extremely interesting client list, which we have built with great pride. 

This year we have provided beds, mattresses and fundamentally better sleep, to world leading politicians, high profile sportsmen and women, top CEOs', Lords, Ladies, Sirs and Dames. Not only within the British Elite, but to a truly international crowd. We have installed in France, New York, Canada, Brazil, Singapore and the Middle East. 

It was not therefore unusual that we were contacted by a client in Brazil, with a request to provide and custom install the incredible Royal bed, by Royal Auping on their new Superyacht under construction in Italy!

They say 'once you sleep on Auping, you never want to sleep on anything else,' and we see that constantly with many loyal customers. The Royal bed provides the very highest level of individualised comfort, temperature control, sleep hygiene and contemporary aesthetics. All of which place it as the most effective bed in the world as far as sleep performance and engineering can dictate. 


To the boatyards in La Spezia, Italy we headed...

At RESTED we pride ourselves on a very personal service, which means that whilst our Directors Adam and Toby can’t necessarily be everywhere all the time, they certainly try; and this was no exception. 

Any yacht build presents the same issues for beds and furnishings; namely that everything has to be secured vs the anticipated motion of the boat at sea. In this case that meant building the 'Royal' within a bespoke outer frame. This is always a challenge as fitting the robust supports, steel frame and 10 motors into a confined space is never easy. As ever, we were looking for the perfect finish. Fully concealed wiring and routing and the tightest of fits without inhibiting the free movement of the bed itself. We were even asked to conceal an additional subwoofer for the bedroom sound system under the bed. Fortunately we were prepared and had arranged the electrician, carpenter, chief engineer and even the Captain to make sure that we were able to achieve our goals.

So here we are with some pictures of the beautiful 40m San Lorenzo Alloy Superyacht.

And what did we like the most about it? Well as sleep engineers we are constantly thinking of what the ultimate bedroom should look like. In this particular yacht, the side walls of the master bedroom unfold at the touch of a button to become platform balconies. Revealing the sea views and letting in the refreshing ocean breeze. We can't think of any better way to wake up, than by the Royal bed gently sitting you up (with our new smart wake up technology) whilst the walls of the bedroom automatically open to the beauty of the seascape. Unbelievable stuff......

With thanks to the entire team at San Lorenzo for their hospitality and support on this project. 

Please note that images of the interiors are not the final customer imagery for reasons of customer privacy protection. 

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