Anti Snore Bed Technology

We are delighted to introduce Royal Auping's incredible new smart technology,  designed to improve both your bedroom experience and sleep quality.
'Partner snoring' affects millions of people, stopping them from achieving the refreshing sleep that they deserve. The sounds produced by snoring fundamentally relate to the passage of inhaled air causing vibration based sound as it passes through our airways. These airways naturally narrow as we relax into sleep.
It has long been noted that sleeping with one's back/head elevated alleviates snoring as the inclined angles provide for more open airways and easier breathing. Likewise, for other snorers it is something that occurs only when sleeping on their back. Moving to a side sleeping position can greatly reduce or eliminate snoring. For those that benefit from either of those solutions, Auping have developed their Anti-snore system which is incorporated in all their beds via the Auping Connect app and device. 

How it works:
Auping Connect is an app based system that connects to your Auping adjustable bed, enabling a whole range of 'smart features' to be accessed via your phone or tablet. 
Now you can select the anti-snore feature , place your phone or tablet on your bedside and look forward to a peaceful nights sleep (for you and your partner). The Auping app listens from the bedside for the sound of snoring and when it registers consistent snoring, it takes action! 
You can pre-select as the action to either automatically adjust the back angle of the bed, opening your airways and alleviating your snoring OR if you benefit from side sleeping, the bed can be programmed to give you a gentle 'nudge' (up and down motion) to encourage the snorer to change position onto their side. 

Auping Connect: 

All Auping beds have the capability to introduce the luxury of 'adjustability' to your bedroom lifestyle. To date, the movement of the bed has been operated by wireless remote controls, but the Auping Connect system now enables your phone or tablet to control both you and your partner's side of the bed. This feature now allows your bed to become part of your smart environment, and has some great features such as the Auping Wake-up! You can set a silent alarm, programmed for exactly how many hours sleep you require, and the bed will automatically sit you up when it is time to wake up. We have found this makes for a gentler wake up and a better start to the day; giving you that moment to come to and open your eyes whilst sitting comfortable in bed. As a silent alarm that is not light based it also has a huge benefit in waking up only you and not your partner. 

All Auping adjustable beds now include this smart technology, meaning that the sky's the limit in terms of integrating your bed within your smart home. Synchronise your bed into your smart enabled routines and link with other smart devices.... Not only can the beds motion wake you up but this can be integrated with your smart lighting, thermostat, sound, even electric window blinds. 

For us at RESTED, Auping Connect is not only a testament to Auping's continued vision for the future of the bedroom, but also a huge step forward into improving bedroom lifestyle and sleep quality through technology.

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