The allure and romance of 'Sense' is enhanced through delivery in the form of traditional aromatic candle. We are all aware of the soothing visual effects of a flickering flame. The dancing shadows and hypnotic motion.

The Sense candle is presented in solid glass container, and is manufactured from natural Egyptian Wax combined with fragrance extract. Gently perfuming your bedroom with the signature fragrance of 'Sense'.

Comprises 1 * 280ml Candle. 



More Information

As international masters of sleep and wellbeing, Hollandia present their signature fragrance designed specifically for the bedroom and sleep environment. Sense is meticulously created combination of over 40 different natural fragrances, presented as a single perfume designed to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of calm, punctuated with passion, warmth and vitality. The mysterious road from the Holy Incense of the East to the sensual oils of the West is combined in 'Sense'. As a a scent it was designed to be an experience that sparks your intrigue. The top note is built around dark Persian Amber and Sweet Madagascan Vanilla. Every product within the Sense family is hand manufactured and poured. Hollandia pride themselsves on the modern sophistication of Aromatherapy designed and delivered expressly for the bedroom.

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