The Contour is a true continental box spring divan.  At Grandsleep, every element of the bed is hand manufactured to the highest quality. In the case of the Contour, not only does this include the woodwork and bespoke upholstery, but also includes the cutting, tempering, and coiling of the steels used to make the pocket coils within. This is a process completely unique to Grandsleep and is a testament to the quality, craftsmanship and luxury that is embodied in every Grandsleep Bed. As a bespoke bed, it is up to our clients to specify and design the headboards, fabrics and choose from a multitude of accessories and options to custom their sleep system both in terms of look and performance. 

Pictured with optional movable headboard wings. 

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Sleeping with 'Contour'

All Grandsleep beds encompass critical core elements of the Sleep Engineering philosophy.
Firstly that your perception of sleep is enhanced by a feeling of luxury, both when you get into bed at night and when you awake in the morning. The majesty of Grandsleep products generate that feeling of mental and physical indulgence.
Secondly, that your bed is the most significant piece of furniture in your bedroom. Aesthetically it should afford you the opportunity to be creative. A piece of furniture that is more than just a bed and where the only limit is your imagination.
Grandsleep seeks to offer exalted craftsmanship, which is instantly apparent in every element of the beds. From the finishing of the upholstery, to the quality of the wood and metalwork. Grandsleep beds offer our clients the chance to buy a bed of distinction and undoubted quality where the only requirement is to choose their customisations.
In terms of comfort across the Grandsleep range, we combine the base systems with the Grandsleep mattress range to cover all preferences and support requirements. Each Grandsleep bed can be specified as a fixed bed or with the benefit of advanced electric ergonomic adjustability. The Grandsleep experience is one of true personalised comfort and the indulgence of choice and performance.
Available in all standard sizes, together with custom sizing and specifications to your preference. You can explore the specific features and technologies of the individual models via the iconography below.

box spring

It is commonplace to focus attention in terms of sleep comfort entirely on the mattress. In reality the feel of the mattress is significantly determined (and can be transformed) by the base upon which it rests. The Box Spring is a Continental classic, the norm across Europe. It provides an additional layer of springs within the base, allowing for your chosen mattress to work in harmony with the bed base for complete contouring and responsiveness.

colour range

Creating the perfect bedroom environment is a very important part of the totality of your sleep experience. At Rested every bed frame that we offer is available in an extensive choice of fabrics, extending across colour, texture and feel. In most cases we offer the chance to detail your bed with multiple fabrics, piping options and even customised embroidery. We are also able to upholster all of our beds and sleep systems in client provided fabrics. To try and keep our selection process as efficient as possible, we have worked with our partner brands to offer all of the fabric ranges without alteration to the price. So that you can choose whatever inspires you on aesthetics alone.


Your headboard is visually the most dominant feature of your bedroom. It plays a significant role in the aesthetics of your sleep environment. In each of our ranges we offer significant numbers of headboard designs so that you can choose a look and ambience that are relevant to the improvement of your sleep. Dimensions and fabric selections affect the feel and texture of your sleep experience and a well designed headboard can contribute to both the physical and mental aspects of sleep perfection. We welcome custom designs and part of our service is to ensure that we can create the headboard of your dreams.

truly bespoke

Create the bed of your dreams. Literally. In our Truly Bespoke ranges, we present options and ideas but these are for inspiration only. The possibilities are endless. Whether you wish to present your own bed or headboard design, fabrics, dimensions, technical features or even personalised monogramming, anything is possible. We provide a unique opportunity to create one off pieces for those clients looking for something truly special.

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