The Status Quo

When it comes to bed linens in the UK there is a general obsession with thread count and cottons. There’s nothing wrong with that.
You will find in our Classic Cottons section a market leading range of the finest traditional cotton sheets.
Yet in the world of Sleep Engineering, we always seek to question and outperform. To challenge the Status Quo. That led us to the world of Jersey Cotton sheets. Still made of the finest cottons, but transformed by the ‘knit’ rather than a weave. There are no thread counts (if there were it would be in the millions). Jersey sheets have been around for many years, but our exclusive ranges are new to the UK and are the highest tier of the product. Performance matters and the finish and quality are beyond the status quo. As an example, our Jersey products are by definition more elastic for a better fit to your bed and significantly more breathable than a tightly woven sheet could be.

Brand Awareness

Within our Bed linen range we are proud to present three new brands. All new to the UK and available only at Rested.
Formesse, Elegante, and Coze are long established producers of provenance and success. Success in all cases that has been built and established on the quality of their products. Purchasing any one of their products is a decision to buy the best, and can be made with the confidence that you are investing in a linen of distinction that will perform to assist your sleep.

Knowledge is Key

The Rested Experience is not like a traditional bed shop. We offer a private yet relaxed and fun consultative approach designed to match you to those products that will enhance your sleep.
Many of our concepts and technologies are new. To assist,we have developed a range of simplified icons to indicate the key features of our products. Where you see them, click to learn more. In addition, our ‘Understand’ section is a complete collection of all the properties of the materials that we use and the Sleep Engineering concepts that they deliver. Detail about the manufacturers and their credentials as best in class can be found in our Provenance section. At Rested, our goal is to be your guides through this new world of Sleep Engineering, to ensure that you find the right product and the best sleep possible.

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