Sophisticated Scenting - The Squair

Every product at RESTED is only selected after the whole team, family and friends have tried and tested it. So when we talk to people we are in a position to advise as actual users of the product. 

How would I use it?

We found the best way to use the Squair is as part of your nighttime ritual. To create a sleep inducing scented ambience for your bedroom and to assist the process of falling asleep.

Fill the tank and set it going with the lowest diffusion level. This emits a completely silent burst of pure scent once every 180 seconds. Normally we do this between 30mins - 1hr before bedtime. Close the door, leave the room, take a shower and get yourself ready for bed. When you come back, the scent is present. Subtly, pleasantly, not overbearing. The air feels lightly tinged with your selected ambience. Fresher and just that bit easier and cleaner to breathe.  

We place the Squair on our bedside and let it continue the magic. What is great about the Squair, the pure oils that it uses and the Piezo diffusion technology is that it is all so soft and subtle. It doesn't overwhelm you: it calms you.

If we remember we turn it off when we are just falling asleep, but it doesn't really matter - the auto timer off kicks in after three hours, by which time we are dreaming deeply!  

What is special about the Squair as opposed to other diffusers? 

The big bonus factors for us was the silent nature of the Squair. With most electrical diffusers you can hear the motor or heating element working, and indeed the diluted water that they use bubbling. You also have to fill them every night with a precarious trip to the tap. We fill the Squair directly from the bottle at our bedside. If you use it as per our explanation above, the tank lasts two full nights, so we actually only refill it once every third day. 

We very much like the fact that the Piezo technology creates the purest diffusion that current technology allows. No direct interaction with the oils. The combination of that technology with the 100% Pure Natural Oil means that the ambient effect is very clean, subtle, and doesn't affect the humidity in the bedroom by introducing water content to the air like a normal electric diffuser would. 

The Squair is more direct and effective than using a candle or a reed diffuser. You use it for a purpose, and we think that is the right way to use scent to infuence your sleep. ie you introduce your sleep fragrance when you need to sleep, rather than it being a background to your bedroom all day.   

Size is also a factor, most electric diffusers are quite large and obtrusive, whereas the Squair is compact, and looks aesthetically pleasing on your bedside. 

It's portable. We found it was great to pick it up and take it our desk. Change the fragrance for one of @aroma's range that aren't for sleep. For invigoration or concentration and set it going in our office.  

The Squair quickly becomes part of the ritual for bedtime, and trust us, Ritual is all important when it comes to the bedroom and falling asleep easily. 

Anything else?

There are many ways to fragrance your house and bedroom; candles, room sprays, perfumes, but it is important to recognise that the Squair and all @aroma products are a means of delivering Essential Oils. Highly concentrated pure natural extractions that are completely different to standard perfumery. They are potent, they have power.

There is an entire world of study and information on the use of Essential Oils and how they influence humans. Of course you can temporarily mask a pungent smell in your bedroom with a supermarket brand room spray, but it's totally different. Overbearing and strong, synthetic perfumery strips away all the natural elements of the scents and can not influence you in the same way as Essential Oils. They are naturally antibacterial and introduce their molecules into the air that you breathe. We want to breathe natural, effective scent and that is what the Squair is all about. You can't compare it to buying a candle or a spray. It's a totally different effect that is all about effective delivery of pure Essential oils and benefiting from their power. 

On the 'techy' side, we found it a bonus that we can plug the Squair in and not use batteries if we don't want to. Even if we do use batteries we can use rechargeables without having to remove them from the Squair. Simple effective features that are all part and parcel of this great product. 

A final tip from us: Using the Squair on full blast 'continuous' diffusion has a purpose if you need to fragrance a space quickly, but at the end of the day the Squair is a personal diffuser designed to be close to you and to influence you individually with ambience rather than a powerful hit to the nosebuds. The continuous burst is not necessary for ambient scenting, and more importantly it drains the tank in approximately 15 mins max. So we really recommend you use the Squair on 'burst' for effective diffusion and in keeping with the concept. We worked out that for our sleep ritual and leaving it to auto-off, will mean that your Piezo oil bottle will last one and a half months (which is great!). 



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