Sleep Trousers Recovery

Sleepwear reinvented:  Achieve optimal recovery whilst you sleep with our Recovery Collection. Featuring 100% natural Microlycell fibres from eucalyptus embedded with energizing minerals to enhance muscle recovery and regeneration overnight.
  • Innovative NATTRECOVER™ fabric with integrated minerals for optimal muscle recovery
  • Far-infrared energy generated by excess body heat is reflected back on the body, stimulating blood flow to the muscles
  • Highly breathable with temperature regulating technology
  • Dries in 1/3 the time of cotton
  • Flat, ergonomic seams and tag-free design, all care instructions are printed inside the garment
  • NATTRECOVER™ fabric: 91% eucalyptus microlyocell and 9% Elatane/Spandex
  • Wash gently up to 40 degrees Celsius. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach


More Information

The responsive minerals used in NATTRECOVER™ recycle excess body heat which is released naturally during sleep—transforming it into far infrared energy and re-directing it back towards the body. This can promote increased blood flow to muscles, enhancing the recovery and rejuvenation process.
Over 60% of the energy we consume is lost to escaping body heat. The responsive minerals featured in NATTRECOVER™ put this energy back to work by transforming excess body heat into far infrared energy.
NATURAL INFRARED ENERGY: This natural infrared energy is widely recognized for having a positive effect on the body. Infrared can promote an increase of blood flow, in turn improving circulation and enhancing the amount of oxygen reaching the muscles.
OXYGENISED BLOOD FLOW: During sleep the body undergoes a number of important recuperative and restorative processes. Many of these transformations, such as cell renewal, tissue repair and memory consolidation can be attributed to the saturation level of oxygen in our bodies.
Sleeping in NATTRECOVER™ can lead to an increase in blood circulation. This increases the level of oxygen and nutrients in the blood reaching muscles and tissue, aiding and enhancing the natural body’s rejuvenation process.
NATTRECOVER™ fabric: 91% eucalyptus microlyocell and 9% Elastane/Spandex
Care Instructions: Machine Washable at 40°. Do not tumble dry. Do not Dry Clean.


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