Many clients find that the responsiveness of memory foam and the degree to which it envelopes and cushions your body is either too much, or too little for their preference; which is why as a mattress technology it has proven divisive. Grandsleep have developed the Inspiration to challenge your perceptions and advance the status quo in terms of visco-elastic (memory foam) technology. The Inspiration provides the opportunity to select from four different formulations of the same product, to ensure that the response of the mattress is right for you, and that perfect comfort is created, even for those who may have had a negative perspective of memory foam previously. Not only is the comfort and feel of the mattress sufficiently ranged to be appropriate to all, but Grandsleep have also been able to further improvements in the creation of Visco-Elastic GS -  it is fully open celled and fully breathable for cool sleeping; it has a quick response rate to allow better movement, and as a mattress it includes advanced features such as removable washable cover, and 3D ventilating fabrics. Grandsleep is also able to offer a market leading proposal - to create an Inspirations double mattress where both you and your partner can have differing feels on the two sides of the same mattress. At RESTED you can try the four formulations 'side by side' and instantly find your perfect comfort.

Experience in store

Sleeping with 'Inspiration'

Love memory foam or hate it? Never tried it before? We prefer not to dwell on words when it comes to the Inspiration. The proof and description is in the experience: it takes only a matter of seconds to try the four 'Inspirations' in store and quickly understand how visco-elastic foam can in the hands of masters be crafted to create very different levels of response and feel, which with Grandsleep, will change your perceptions (or preconceptions) of Memory Foam. What we can say is that in all its forms, the Inspiration is breathable, ventilated, and finished to the highest standard. It is a mattress that surprises people - comfort in a way that they did not think was possible. It has a luxurious ventilated removable and washable Viscose cover, with 3D ventilated underside. The Inspiration is a no turn mattress. Mattress Height is 26cm. Available in four firmnesses, and any size/dimension (including non standard custom shaping & sizing). As a true market leading innovation, Grandsleep are able to combine differing feels to individual sides of a double mattress. 10 Year Warranty

comfort select

There is no reason, other than good fortune, that you and your partner would find ultimate comfort in the same mattress. We are individuals, we have different body sizes and weights, different sleep temperatures, and different comfort preferences. Our comfort select mattresses are an exceptional innovation that allows you and your partner to create a seamless mattress with a different firmness and feel to each side. Perfect sleep awaits you both......

memory foam

Visco-elastic, 'memory foam' is well known for its pressure reduction and cushioning effects. It comforts and envelopes, moulds and conforms, making it a unique and wonderful material for the bedroom environment. New generation memory foams have addressed previous issues of lack of ventilation, and heat retention, so that the benefits can be accessed without the negatives. The skill of incorporating memory foam into sleep products is something that comes from experience, and there is great technicality as to the different types, densities, response rates, and function. We work with the best in the industry to ensure that our memory foams are best in class and have been utilised for performance and quality rather than marketing and words.

removable washable

At Rested, we have been quick to state that removable washable covers are an important feature that all highest tier mattresses should benefit from. We wash our sheets with great regularity, so why would we accept a mattress fabric that we can not also wash? Improving your hygiene and sleep environment (and therefore your sleep quality), reducing allergens, and preserving the longevity of your mattress, we believe it to be a feature that is a mark of quality. We also feel that it gives our clients confidence and peace of mind to see inside their mattress, and the craftsmanship and materials used in the creation of the worlds best mattresses.

total ventilation

Good ventilation is at the heart of healthy revitalising sleep. Where we mark our products as 'total ventilation' it indicates that every aspect of the product has been considered with ventilation in mind, and therefore every material, surface, and construction has been provided with total breathability and complete airflow. Not only is total ventilation the easiest way to regulate temperature, but it is also the best way to decrease microbial/allergen/dust/mites activity.

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