Hiroko 'Showcase' Sale

The UK's only true 'youth bed' for work rest and play. The ultimate teenagers bed....

  • Size: Junior Double -  120cm * 200cm
  • Colour: Taste Bright Orange Faux Leather with 3D Silver Cloud Top Surface
  • Includes Samsung Bluetooth built in wireless sound bar
  • Integrated Full Talalay latex mattress (no need to buy an additional mattress)
  • Built in USB charger
  • Includes matching headboard
  • 2 Motor Ergonomic adjustment (Back and Leg Raise)
  • Converts to full sitting position for sofa use
  • Wired remote control
  • Patented Mobile Bed System - Bed can be moved with no effort at the touch of a button

Price does not include delivery/installation. See Further information below. 

£2,750.00 £2,250.00

Further Information

For further information and exact specification or dimensions, please contact us: info@rested.com
This ex display model is in immaculate condition.
The Hiroko will be professionally dismantled from our showroom, packed, and re-assembled in your home. Delivery charge (£100 - £200) applies depending on location.
Please note that the Hiroko comes as a single piece bed and requires good access in order to place the bed. Please contact customer service to discuss access/entranceway requirements prior to purchase.

slide back system

As you raise the back adjustment of an ergonomic bed, typically this will move your body forwards and away from your headboard and bedside table. Recognising that it would be an 'enhancement' if this could be improved, many of our beds incorporate a 'slide back' system that automatically moves your bed platform backwards whilst it rises, thus ensuring that you stay next to your bedside tables, and to your partner.

talalay latex

We believe in Talalay Latex as the ultimate sleep material. As a material it is capable of delivering superior performance by way comfort, support, health & hygiene, and longevity. Which are all factors that matter for us in the creation of better sleep.

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Ergonomic Adjustability

Our world of Sleep Engineering introduces advanced ergonomic adjustablity to your bedroom. The benefits are clear: Health, Wellbeing, Comfort, extended lifestyle usage and of course, better sleep. Whichever of those is important to you, hopefully all of them, ergonomic adjustablity transforms your bed into something more and brings a flexibility that will change your sleep and bedroom lifestyle for the better. This key technology represents a new age and a new perception of what a modern bed can be. A technical evolution to suit modern lifestyle.

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zero gravity

Imagine a position, where all the stress of the day melts away. Weightlessness. Tension and pressure are released from your back, your legs are elevated and rested, blood flow and circulation is optimised. Your muscles relax, your heart and mind relax. Zero Gravity is both total relaxation and the prelude to falling sleep.

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