Denon Heos 1

Designed for your bedside table, or to be easily wall mounted, Denon Heos 1 is a personal speaker that provides sound far bigger than its appearance. Easily syncing to your wireless network,  the Heos 1 offers complete wireless access to ALL of your music via the Heos Smartphone app.

Instant streaming from the full range of most popular apps, including Spotify, Deezer, Napster, Tidal, and Tune In. Heos 1 includes integrated bluetooth, allowing you to instantly  output sound to the speakers from your phone/player or any bluetooth device. In addition it can accept a USB stick or input direct from your devices.   

Denon are masters of the highest quality engineered sound quality, known for their signature warmth and bass production. The Heos 1 benefits from easy access volume and mute controls on the unit, as well as a complete range of detailed audio control via the Heos App. Of note, the Heos 1 can be utilised with the Heos Go Pack, allowing you take the speaker 'portable' (no power cable required). 

For the highest quality bedroom environment soundscape, we recommend 2 * Heos 1 systems, stereo synched on either bedside table. It will transform your bedroom and your evening relaxation. 

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