Heos 1 Go Pack

The Go pack is a rechargeable base unit for the Heos 1 speaker. Attaching snugly to the bottom of the speaker, the Lithium Ion battery can provide an astonishing 6 hours of continuous audio play without being connected to a power source. 

It is the key to the 'freedom' of sound that only Heos can provide. No cables, just take the Heos 1 wherever you go. 

The Go back is provided with splashproof guard to allow you take Heos 1 to the bathroom, or outdoors. You can also charge your telephone from the speaker (very helpful if you are out and about). 

This item is for the Go Pack only. For our bundle deal with 50% discount if purchased with the Heos 1 speaker, see 'Heos Bundle Offer'. 



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