A minimalist, futuristic design classic. A floating bed that adds atmosphere and magic to any bedroom. A true miracle of engineering and design, the Exo can be installed in any type of bedroom wall. At RESTED we are proud to showcase the first fixed installation of the Exo in the UK, and to be the first fully trained professional installers of the bed. The Exo can be provided in any size up to 4m, and encorporates illuminated underbed lighting. There is the option to accessorise with illuminated 'strato' bedsides. 
Despite its appearance, the Exo is exceptionally robust, capable of holding weights in excess of 750kg.
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Exo is available to set in any height, although experience demonstrates that the floating effect is accentuated by setting the bed higher than average. Made of custom manufactuered cantilever steels, the support system is 'wrapped' with the unique Exo frame, and then either upholstered or powder coated to client specification. The support platform is aluminium slatted and offers excellent ventilation. Our Rested installers work with our clients to assess the correct installation method relative to the wall and floor structure and offer a complete service. The Exo can even be installed in standard stud partitions or half height walls to create very special effects. We would be delighted to welcome you to our showroom to experience Exo for yourself and create a design based masterpiece that has the capacity to transform your bedroom.

floating design

Other than the obvious aesthetics and modernism of floating design beds, there are sleep benefits to be had as well. Floating beds allow for airflow to circulate all around you whilst you sleep. There is a complex interplay of temperature and humidity changes occurring around your bed, both as heat rises from the floor below, your own body temperature changes, and the fact that ambient bedroom temperatures generally decline as the night progresses. Floating beds allow this interplay to take place in the most efficient, unrestricted manner, making your sleep as healthy as possible. Allowing airflow makes your bed environment a less attractive place for dust mites and for allergens to settle, as opposed to a stifling non aerated bed which would be their ultimate heaven! Floating beds also allow for better hygiene as you have the ability to keep the space under your bed clean, easily hoovered, and free of dust and debris. For sleeping clean, fresh, and well ventilated, there is no better solution.


We offer various different slatted bases in our range. Using slats is a common 'support' technique that allows for ventilation by design, and when tensioned, for the whole bed surface to respond to your body and pressure map. Slats come in all manner of materials, but at Rested we are focussed on utilising slats that have been designed with longevity in mind. So whether they are aluminium, or carbon fibre, we know that what defines quality is their ability to last.

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