Congo Linen

The Congo White duvet cover is a beautiful stonewashed cover made from an extra soft mixture of 50% linen and 50% cotton. The duvet cover and pillowcases are adorned with denim stitching. The pillowcase is finished off with a button closure with mother of pearl buttons for an elegant touch. 
Both materials used are natural, breathable, and absorb moisture well. The duvet cover feels comfortable to the touch and a special finish gives it a delightfully soft feel. 
The duvet cover can be washed at temperatures up to 40 degrees, is suitable for tumble drying, and ironing if necessary.
All Auping duvet covers also include an oversized pillowcase cover set (size 60 * 70cm) to complete the look. With every purchase we also include complementary hollowfibre pillows (sized for the including matching pillowcases). 
See further detail below for the unique features of Auping bed linens including the 'tuck in flap' for perfect sleep comfort and easy bed making. 


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Auping bed linens bring quality, performance and bold styling to your bedroom environment. With a unique sense of intrigue and fun across their designer range, Auping bed linens are conceived relative to the latest bedroom design trends with a refreshing pallet of colours. Auping believe in the bedroom as a place to rest, relax, and awaken refreshed. Their aesthetic designs reflect that ethos, using aesthetic the tone to uplift you every evening and every morning.
All Auping duvet sets benefit from a unique performance enhancing feature – the ‘tuck in flap’.
This is a double fabric extension across the entire width of the foot end of the duvet cover (40cm extra beyond the area required to accommodate the duvet within). The total length of the duvet including the extra flap is 260cm including the flap. This feature has been created for the following benefits; During the day, the extra fabric allows you to tuck the end of the duvet cover in under your mattress to create the signature ‘Auping’ look. A perfect ‘making’ of your bed with a clean and tidy aesthetic, without the duvet draping down to the floor; fully revealing the beauty of your bedframe and optimising airflow around your bed.
Whilst sleeping you can utilise the extra fabric to wrap the duvet around your feet for extra comfort and warmth. Or if it is your preference, and particularly for the colder months, you can leave the flap tucked in under the mattress to maintain a tight fit on your duvet during the night; keeping warm air inside the duvet, and stopping the duvet from moving or being drawn away from you by your partner.

The detail

50% Linen, 50% Cotton
Washable up to 60 Degrees - Regular wash at 40 Degrees
Unique Auping 'tuck in flap' feature
Actual fabric length including flap is 260cm
Set includes 60 * 70cm matching pillowcase and hollowfibre pillow (one per single set, 2 per double/superking set

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