Auping Match

  • Minimalist Bed custom designed 'your way'
  • Select 'Match' in either wood or aluminium frame
  • Select from two styles of leg design
  • Select Straight or Curved headboard
  • Select your colours - 11 Aluminium or Wood finishes. 
  • Optional Floating Side tables with flush fitted internal drawer

Simplicity of design, for clean uncomplicated bedrooms. The Match is a versatile and refreshing offering from Auping which you can tailor to your personal preference by material and design. 

Pricing (in Aluminium included straight Headboard and Flat Auping Mesh Base (excluding mattresses)):

Single 80/90/100 * 200cm: £1,835

Euro Double 140 * 200cm: £2,180

Large Doubles 160/180/200 * 200cm: £2,450

Experience in store

Match by Auping

At RESTED we believe that good sleep starts with a clear mind. Thus straightforward uncomplicated design is a real benefit in the bedroom environment. No bed does that better than the Match by Auping.
Like all Auping Beds it benefits from the Auping Mesh base structure. 85% open it is the most breathable bed in the world. Total ventilation and perfect body support system with a 35 year 'generational' guarantee.
The unique Match Headboard can be provided in matching or contrast finish to the bed and with or without curved edges.
The floating side tables are a unique part of the design, providing a solid and functional bedside table that adds to the look of the bed.
Match can also be provided with up to 3 motor ergonomic system for complete adaptability, comfort perfection, and lifestyle use. Noiseless motors power neck, back and leg ergonomics.
Wireless control system.
Available in multiple sizes including lengths of 210 and 220cm. Please email us for further prices or a full quotation.

mesh base

Auping's mesh base is a critical element to their sleep systems and provides many major advantages. 85% open, it provides total support and total airflow/ventilation for healthy sleep. Each connection acts like a spring, meaning that the user benefits from 10,000 pressure relieving joints that contour to the pressure of your body. The mesh base is guaranteed for life and provides total peace of mind that you have a bed frame of exceptional longevity and performance that exceeds any other type.

Ergonomic Adjustability

Our world of Sleep Engineering introduces advanced ergonomic adjustablity to your bedroom. The benefits are clear. Health, Wellbeing, Comfort, extended lifestyle usage, and of course, better sleep. Whichever of those is important to you, hopefully all of them, ergonomic adjustablity transforms your bed into something more, and brings a flexibility and range of uses to that will change your sleep and bedroom lifestyle for the better. This key technology represents a new age and a new perception of what a modern bed can be. A technical evolution to suit modern lifestyle.

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total ventilation

Good ventilation is at the heart of healthy revitalising sleep. Where we mark our products as 'total ventilation' it indicates that every aspect of the product has been considered with ventilation in mind, and therefore every material, surface, and construction has been provided with total breathability and complete airflow. Not only is total ventilation the easiest way to regulate temperature, but it is also the best way to decrease microbial/allergen/dust/mites activity.

zero gravity

Imagine a position, where all the stress of the day melts away. Weightlessness. Tension and pressure are released from your back, your legs are elevated and rested, blood flow and circulation is optimised. Your muscles relax, your heart and mind relax. Zero Gravity is both total relaxation and the prelude to falling sleep.

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