The Aluto is a special sleep system. High angle back and leg adjustments for perfect sleep comfort, lifestyle and wellbeing. All of the quality, and ergonomics we would expect from a Hollandia bed; but Aluto goes further, by allowing the user to electrically adjust the overall height of the sleep platform. Aluto  assists the user with getting into and out of bed, by raising the bed height to assist pressure transfer when sitting onto, or standing up from the bed. It is a perfect solution from Hollandia for those that require assistance in this regard. Furthermore, once in the bed, it can be raised fully to 'treatment' height allowing for healthcare professionals to administer massage or other treatments at an appropriate level. The Aluto is an example of how Hollandia can literally elevate 'beds' to suit your requirements, and bring their exceptional sleep comfort to be available to everyone and assist in creating better lifestyle and wellbeing. 

Experience in store

Sleeping with 'Aluto'

The Aluto is an innovation by Hollandia to assist clients who may have restricted movement, to easily enter and leave their bed. It benefits from all the usual Hollandia refinements, back and leg elevation, total comfort for sleeping, reading, and bedroom lifestyle. It is available in a unique 'two tone' design, upholstered from a significant choice of designer fabrics to your choosing. The Aluto is then paired with the wide range of Hollandia bespoke headboards, and therefore can be as contemporary or as classically styled as you desire. The Aluto can be combined with Hollandia' pneumatic motor system for unrivalled reliability, simplicity of control, and their mobile bed system to allow easy movement of the bed. Being able to adjust the height of the bed platform is a refinement that not only allows for easy entry and exit, but for treatments to be administered in bed, or to completely optimise the users perspective within the room, bringing with it freedom and flexibility.

colour range

Creating the perfect bedroom environment is a very important part of the totality of your sleep experience. At Rested every bed frame that we offer is available in an extensive choice of fabrics, extending across colour, texture and feel. In most cases we offer the chance to detail your bed with multiple fabrics, piping options and even customised embroidery. We are also able to upholster all of our beds and sleep systems in client provided fabrics. To try and keep our selection process as efficient as possible, we have worked with our partner brands to offer all of the fabric ranges without alteration to the price. So that you can choose whatever inspires you on aesthetics alone.

control option

We offer our sleep systems with the chance to choose whether to have a wired or wireless remote, depending on your preference. There are advantages to both, which we are delighted to allow you to experience in store, and as ever, it will be your personal choice as to what works best for you.


Your headboard is visually the most dominant feature of your bedroom. It plays a significant role in the aesthetics of your sleep environment. In each of our ranges we offer significant numbers of headboard designs so that you can choose a look and ambience that are relevant to the improvement of your sleep. Dimensions and fabric selections affect the feel and texture of your sleep experience and a well designed headboard can contribute to both the physical and mental aspects of sleep perfection. We welcome custom designs and part of our service is to ensure that we can create the headboard of your dreams.

motor optionality

At Rested we are specialists in helping our clients to understand the functions and features available to them in the realm of Sleep Engineering. Hollandia offer their bed models with a choice of motors, either electric or pneumatic. They are infact the only company in the world to offer the pneumatic system, manufactured in Germany to their exacting specifications. This enables Hollandia to offer a greater range of movement, increased power and speed, simplified controls and unrivalled reliability. A market leading 11 year motor warranty.

position memory

Many of our models offer the ability to save and store your most comfortable positions. Whether it be your perfect reading, watching, talking, or sleeping ergonomic adjustment, ultimate comfort is only one button away.

Ergonomic Adjustability

Our world of Sleep Engineering introduces advanced ergonomic adjustablity to your bedroom. The benefits are clear: Health, Wellbeing, Comfort, extended lifestyle usage and of course, better sleep. Whichever of those is important to you, hopefully all of them, ergonomic adjustablity transforms your bed into something more and brings a flexibility that will change your sleep and bedroom lifestyle for the better. This key technology represents a new age and a new perception of what a modern bed can be. A technical evolution to suit modern lifestyle.

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zero gravity

Imagine a position, where all the stress of the day melts away. Weightlessness. Tension and pressure are released from your back, your legs are elevated and rested, blood flow and circulation is optimised. Your muscles relax, your heart and mind relax. Zero Gravity is both total relaxation and the prelude to falling sleep.

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