Grandsleep share our passion for innovation and technical prowess. As part of their philosophy to handmake every part of a Grandsleep bed, they have developed a proprietary mattress technology known as Monobloc GS. This is a breathable moulded foam - formed at the Grandsleep factory, as a complete single piece mattress to order - The Icon.

Using water based Catalysts, the Monobloc GS is created with a unique semi circular airflow system in the top layers that ensures complete freshness, and dispersal of heat and moisture. The Monobloc has a  uniform, open cell structure, meaning that it provides a very high level of support, and exceptional durability. Since each mattress is made to order, it can be produced in varying levels of firmness, both from top to bottom (allowing dual comfort options by turning the mattress) and laterally (allowing different firmnesses for you and your partner in a single mattress). The Monobloc GS provides such excellent baseline support it is a natural partner for the added optionality of a Grandsleep Topper. Offered in both Talalay Latex, or Visco-Elastic GS for two completely different feels, the Icon combination is in itself a complete offering that allows us to develop the perfect feel and comfort for you as an individual.  

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Sleeping with the 'Icon'

The Icon is a unique product. To define the feel of the mattress in words is not easy. It does not have as much spot elasticity as Talalay Latex, as much flexibility as pocket springs, or as much cushioning as visco elastic foams. What it does have is a finely balanced combination of all of those attributes in equal measure in one unified sensation. The Icon is therefore what it set out to be, a very well balanced, efficient mattress that has a unique feeling of firmness and support, totally evenly distributed on account of its single material nature. The Icon lends itself to those who prefer a firmer mattress, and a feeling of resting upon rather than 'in' their mattress. It is particularly suitable for those who are interested in long term back care, as the ability to define the Icon to your exact firmness, and supplement it with the Grandsleep toppers, allows us to achieve spinal alignment across all weight and size ranges. It is the easiest mattress for us to work with to create an 'optimum' sleep experience. The Bamboo and Aloe Vera cover is exceptional, which is removable and washable. As with all Grandsleep products, every detail is accounted for and finished to the highest standard. Due to its simplicity and the attributes of the Monobloc, The Icon is an exceptionally durable mattress. The Icon is 20cm in height and is usually combined with a topper to create a total height of 26cm. Available in four different firmnesses, and with two different topper types (Talalay or Visco-Elastic). Available in any size/dimension (including non standard custom shaping & sizing). The Icon can be created as a double mattress with differing feels to either side. 10 Year Warranty

comfort select

There is no reason, other than good fortune, that you and your partner would find ultimate comfort in the same mattress. We are individuals, we have different body sizes and weights, different sleep temperatures, and different comfort preferences. Our comfort select mattresses are an exceptional innovation that allows you and your partner to create a seamless mattress with a different firmness and feel to each side. Perfect sleep awaits you both......

dual sided

Mattresses with dual sided capability are normally differentiated by slightly differing comfort feels between top and bottom of the mattress. This innovation allows the user to make the final 'tweak' to achieve true sleep comfort themselves. It also recognises that as individuals we are never static. Our mattresses are designed to last for up to ten years and beyond, and in that time, body weight may change as may your comfort preference. Dual sided mattresses provide the opportunity to ensure that whatever your preference or requirement, your mattress has the flexibility to continue to perform for you.


There is a lot of terminology banded around regarding the 'allergen' performance of mattresses. What we know is this: dust mites like to live in warm dark places, in moisture filled, closed environments. Latex mattresses afford no such opportunity, and neither do truly ventilated mattresses. Hypo-allergenic means 'less allergen likely than others', which is the truth of the matter and why we use that statement for mattresses to which it applies. In addition to a materials specific properties and the ventilation of mattresses to reduce allergens, most of our mattresses also have removable washable covers, which is a significant step in terms of being able to regularly wash away any dust, skin cells or allergens that are either airborne or may accumulate through your use of the bed.

memory foam

Visco-elastic, 'memory foam' is well known for its pressure reduction and cushioning effects. It comforts and envelopes, moulds and conforms, making it a unique and wonderful material for the bedroom environment. New generation memory foams have addressed previous issues of lack of ventilation, and heat retention, so that the benefits can be accessed without the negatives. The skill of incorporating memory foam into sleep products is something that comes from experience, and there is great technicality as to the different types, densities, response rates, and function. We work with the best in the industry to ensure that our memory foams are best in class and have been utilised for performance and quality rather than marketing and words.

removable washable

At Rested, we have been quick to state that removable washable covers are an important feature that all highest tier mattresses should benefit from. We wash our sheets with great regularity, so why would we accept a mattress fabric that we can not also wash? Improving your hygiene and sleep environment (and therefore your sleep quality), reducing allergens, and preserving the longevity of your mattress, we believe it to be a feature that is a mark of quality. We also feel that it gives our clients confidence and peace of mind to see inside their mattress, and the craftsmanship and materials used in the creation of the worlds best mattresses.

talalay latex

We believe in Talalay Latex as the ultimate sleep material. As a material it is capable of delivering superior performance by way comfort, support, health & hygiene, and longevity. Which are all factors that matter for us in the creation of better sleep.

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