J. Marshall No.4

  • 1600 Pocket Springs + 1500 Microsprings
  • Deep filled Pillow top, comprising natures finest fillings; wool, cashmere, silk, alpaca, bamboo, and pashmina. 
  • Hand tufted
  • Medium tension
  • Mattress Height 26cm
  • 10 year Guarantee

'Comfortably the best'. The No.4 is the top of J.Marshalll range, providing both the highest spring count, and the most developed comfort layers. Incorporating into the deep pillow top, not only optimised layering of the highest quality natural fills, but also a micrspring layer; for a truly luxurious response and excellent spinal alignment. 

With over 100 years of Vispring experience in fine mattress making, the J.Marshall No.4 is a truly optimised mattress for those seeking best in class, unrivalled comfort and longevity. 

All J.Marshall range mattresses are available to try in person at our Hammersmith store. Click here to book a visit at the unique RESTED mattress test centre. 

Price includes delivery to the South East of England. For delivery costs to alternative areas, please contact us. 


£1,120.00 £1,075.00

J.Marshall by Vispring

In 1899, J.Marshall, a young British engineer, created and patented the pocket spring.
Since then, his unique invention has been the mainstay of effective sleep support. Licensed and perfected by Vispring in the UK, with over 100 years of bed making experience, the J.Marshall range provides signature comfort and the fundamentals of great sleep with modern simplicity.
Every material and component has been selected to add comfort and quality to the mattress.
Using only the purest natural materials, the deep comfort layers of pashmina, bamboo, alpaca, cashmere and silk, are all present in the deep filled pillow top. Together with 1500 microsprings to create that extra level of sublime response and support. Inside the mattress is the gighest spring count in the range, for total motion isolation, and individualised support, together with pure new wool and cotton for an excellent moisture controlled hygienic environment. Finished with a silken Belgian Damask ticking in signature J.Marshall Colours.
All Vispring mattresses are hand tufted, meaning that the fillings are spread evenly and bound together with hand crafting techniques. Traditional manufacture perfected into the modern age.
The J.Marshall No.4 offers the highest level of luxury, sleep comfort and performance in the J Marshall range, together with all the experience and craftsmanship of Vispring. A truly excellent mattress for those that truly care about their sleep.
With medium tensioning, the mattress is suitable for the majority of body forms, sleep positions, and average weight categories.
10 year Warranty
Expected lead time to delivery - 4-5 Weeks. We will contact all customers following receipt of order to confirm access, delivery time, and any other requirements.

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