'Bomb' Diffuser

The Bomb Diffuser is an ultrasonic diffuser that silently disperses the alluring fragrance of 'Sense' throughout your chosen room. Designed to be placed on your bedside table or dresser, the Bomb has a unique striking design, is available in three colours options, and benefits from an integrated nightlight. The duration and intensity of the dispersal may be altered at the touch of a button.


More Information

The Bomb disperses a gentle mist, that is the ultimate way to completely fragrance your bedroom in preparation for sleep. Your bedroom is instantly transformed into a calming sanctuary. The signature fragrance of 'Sense' creates a feeling of calm, combined with a sense of passion, warmth and vitality. The mysterious road from the Holy Incense of the East to the sensual oils of the West is combined in 'Sense'. As a a scent it was designed to be an experience that sparks your intrigue. The top note is built around dark Persian Amber and Sweet Madagascan Vanilla. Every product within the Sense family is hand manufactured and poured. Hollandia pride themselsves on the modern sophistication of Aromatherapy designed and delivered expressly for the bedroom. Please note the the Bomb is to be used with the specific 'Diffuser Refill' product also available here.

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