Dagsmejan Pyjamas

Designed to enhance your sleep experience with the unique properties of their patented natural fabrics; Dagsmejan delivers style and performance like no other pyjama.

Proven in laboratory testing to offer superior moisture management and thermal properties, Dagsmejan sleepwear is the result of an interdisciplinary research project in Switzerland to create an award winning range and unique style that guarantees total comfort, every night.

At RESTED, we seek out the very best products in the world, specifically engineered for sleep. Having tried and tested Dagsmejan ourselves, we truly believe that they are the greatest pyjamas available. Beyond the performance elements, the feel, comfort and style is a cut above anything else that we have tried and we are delighted to recommend them to all of our customers. These are pyjamas that make a real difference to how you sleep. Trust us, you won't ever want to take them off!  

Choose your required performance from the four functional ranges that they offer;

Balance: For optimal year read thermoregulation. Never too hot, never too cold. Comfortable, breathable, and optimised for sleep. 

Stay Warm: The luxury of comforting warmth. For those who like to stay cozy in bed without overheating. 

Stay Cool: The ultimate cooling pyjama for those who enjoy that cool feeling or commonly overheat at night. 

Recover: Specific fabric technologies who require optimised overnight muscular recovery. Recommended for athletes/regular training regimens. 



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