Auping Maestro

  • Auping 'Gold' Range
  • Pocket Spring Hybrid - Active, Ventilation, Support - AVS System
  • Dynamic Progressive Springs
  • 5 Specific Asymmetric zones for total body contouring and spinal support
  • Latex Pura Comfort Layer
  • Enhanced 3D Mesh Pressure Distribution Layer
  • Unique Double 'Visco Activ' Shoulder Zone for total pressure relief
  • Removable Washable Advanced Tencel Outer Cover
  • Total Airflow and Ventilation for hygienic, refreshing sleep
  • Designed for Thermoregulation.  
  • No Turning, Rotating, Flipping required
  • Mattress Height 22cm

Price includes delivery.

Auping mattresses are made to order and delivery time from the point of order is approximately 4 weeks.

Other lengths are available on request. 


Sleeping with 'Maestro'

The Uniqueness of Auping - 'No mattress ventilates better'.
Every component of an Auping mattress is designed to allow total airflow and ventilation.
Why? Total ventilation means better, cleaner, refreshing sleep. Moisture control, temperature regulation, allergen reduction & enhanced hygiene. Leaving you feeling refreshed by your night and rejuvenated for your days.
Auping mattresses are uniquely asymmetric. Each part of the mattress accurately zoned to meet your body contour. Spinal alignment is critical for long term back care, and the Auping range is designed to support your exact sleep position and pressure distribution.
The Maestro incorporates a specific double shoulder comfort zone with Visco Activ Foam, for optimal support and pressure relief where your body exerts the most pressure.
The technology of the DPPS springs and latex comfort layers generates excellent pressure relief, fundamental support, comfort, and the ability to allow you to move freely in bed. Active, Ventilation, & Support for Auping nights, Better Days.
5 year Warranty

comfort select

There is no reason, other than good fortune, that you and your partner would find ultimate comfort in the same mattress. We are individuals, we have different body sizes and weights, different sleep temperatures, and different comfort preferences. Our comfort select mattresses are an exceptional innovation that allows you and your partner to create a seamless mattress with a different firmness and feel to each side. Perfect sleep awaits you both......

comfort zones

The logic of Sleep Engineering dictates that regardless of whether you sleep on your front, back or side, we create a 'pressure' map on the mattress. Greater pressure is naturally exerted at our hips and shoulder zones; which needs to be reduced for comfort, but it is those high pressure zones that also require the greatest underlying support in order to achieve spinal alignment. Our advanced mattresses and beds have been created with this zonal approach. This means differentiating the materials, firmnesses and construction techniques used in defining those zones so as to provide dynamicsleep systems that suit the contours of the body, and are individualised to your size and weight.

hybrid pocket

Principle support and body contouring is provided by the core element of responsive pocket springs. What makes a 'hybrid' is that the pocket springs are sandwiched with various performance materials for additional comfort to your mattress and to add further qualities to your sleep experience. Necessarily you wouldn't sleep on a naked spring, so all pocket sprung mattresses have a top layer of some form. What therefore defines a hybrid is that the top layers are not there to cover the springs, but to introduct a second technology of benefit to your mattress. Much like a hybrid car that uses two sources for power, your mattress combines two (or more) technologies for an optimised sleep experience.


There is a lot of terminology banded around regarding the 'allergen' performance of mattresses. What we know is this: dust mites like to live in warm dark places, in moisture filled, closed environments. Latex mattresses afford no such opportunity, and neither do truly ventilated mattresses. Hypo-allergenic means 'less allergen likely than others', which is the truth of the matter and why we use that statement for mattresses to which it applies. In addition to a materials specific properties and the ventilation of mattresses to reduce allergens, most of our mattresses also have removable washable covers, which is a significant step in terms of being able to regularly wash away any dust, skin cells or allergens that are either airborne or may accumulate through your use of the bed.

removable washable

At Rested, we have been quick to state that removable washable covers are an important feature that all highest tier mattresses should benefit from. We wash our sheets with great regularity, so why would we accept a mattress fabric that we can not also wash? Improving your hygiene and sleep environment (and therefore your sleep quality), reducing allergens, and preserving the longevity of your mattress, we believe it to be a feature that is a mark of quality. We also feel that it gives our clients confidence and peace of mind to see inside their mattress, and the craftsmanship and materials used in the creation of the worlds best mattresses.

total ventilation

Good ventilation is at the heart of healthy revitalising sleep. Where we mark our products as 'total ventilation' it indicates that every aspect of the product has been considered with ventilation in mind, and therefore every material, surface, and construction has been provided with total breathability and complete airflow. Not only is total ventilation the easiest way to regulate temperature, but it is also the best way to decrease microbial/allergen/dust/mites activity.

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