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If you are interested in sleeping healthy and hygienically, then look no further.

The answer as to what really makes for a healthy mattress and sleep environment is fairly straightforward. 


So why does Ventilation matter?

The average human loses 300ml of moisture every night. That's a full bottle of water! Consider the lifespan of your mattress and the amount of moisture that will therefore enter your mattress. If your mattress is not effectively ventilated, long term moisture retention and stagnation are the result. Both of which are absolute perfection for bed bugs and dust mites.

Breathability and airflow matter. A truly well ventilated mattress is so important for healthy hygienic sleep.  

Temperature regulation is also critical to healthy sleep. The simplest and best way to achieve such regulation is with a bountiful circulation of air through and around your mattress. The more breathable your mattress, the better your body can adjust to night time fluctuations and keep you regulated and cool enough to sleep well.

The result of a highly ventilated mattress is 'freshness'. A hygienic, temperature regulated, moisture reduced mattress with abundant airflow. You will feel it when you get into bed, and how refreshed you are in the morning. At RESTED we want to wake up energised; for us that can't be achieved on a sweat ridden, bug infested, festering mattress of heavy unsanitary fillings. We want clean, healthy, regulated sleep.  


There is one company who have for more than a century, focussed their entire philosophy and manufacture on Ventilation such that they can now proudly state; 

'No bed ventilates better'.

Royal Auping: The original masters of Sleep Engineering and quality comforting sleep. 

It all began with the creation of their 80% open structure mesh base for provision to Dutch hospitals, and subsequently to the Royal Dutch House; an association they have maintained to this day.

Not only are Auping mattresses the bestselling mattress in the Netherlands, but they are consistently rated as providing the most consumer satisfaction. In fact, the Auping Vivo mattress has been awarded best in class by the Dutch Consumer Association, every year since its creation.

How is good ventilation achieved?

Many mattresses ignore ventilation entirely, or if you are lucky you may see a small penny sized perforated metal air vent on the side. This a lip service to ventilation; common throughout the industry.

Where Auping differs is that ventilation is the cornerstone of their mattresses and every single element of the mattress has been designed and selected with the specific purpose of ventilation and total breathability. The mattress outer covers, the latex comfort layers, the pocket sprung core, and the base layers, every component works together and has been selected and designed for 100% breathability and sleep hygiene.

The entire product is designed for airflow. Advanced 3D mesh layers, breathable fabrics, and open cell foams; Auping have even formulated and patented their own type of Latex (Latex Pura) that has enhanced ventilation and longevity.

Auping mattresses also have outer covers that are removable and washable, allowing you to take control and keep your mattress cleaner and regularly cleansed from airborne allergens and skin cells. Keep your mattress clean and in pristine condition throughout the considerable life of an Auping mattress.  There is simply no other mattress manufacturer that has focussed so deeply on ventilation and the long term hygiene of the sleep environment.

 That is why here at RESTED, the Auping product range is so key to our philosophy of sleep hygiene and sleep quality. Auping have been a natural choice for us and for our customers who seek to optimise their sleep. 

There are five Auping mattresses within the range, all benefitting from the best ventilation and sleep hygiene in the industry. Once you have made the choice to sleep better, sleep healthier and sleep fresher, what remains is to understand the unique Auping technologies for total comfort and support and choose sleep perfection for you and your partner. 

We are delighted to offer a 10% Discount on Auping Mattresses for the month of December. Prices for a Double Mattress start at £1,320. 

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